Keep Looking Up with Caroline Kraddick

Host Caroline Kraddick interviews a broad range of guests including celebrities, artists, musicians, self- help experts and influencers. Her interviews are designed to be insightful, inspiring, educational and entertaining. Their stories will make you laugh, warm your heart and even take you on a walk down memory lane with a downloadable playlist of her and her guests’ inspirational music. Caroline’s mission is to be a trusted voice for positivity and she wants to be a force for good by providing information to empower her listeners to live their best life!

In 2013 after the sudden passing of her father, nationally syndicated morning radio show host, Kidd Kraddick, Caroline embraced his famous mantra “Keep Looking Up, cause that’s where it all is”! The “Keep Looking Up with Caroline Kraddick” podcast is dedicated to the people who are the difference makers in our world and who overcome the odds and are making it a better place. Its message will resonate with listeners through tangible tips and tools on how to live a fulfilling life and to always- keep looking up.