You Moved To Nashville???


It’s the question I’ve been getting the most, especially since it seemed so sudden. And the answer is yes, I moved to Nashville but I didn’t MOVE to Nashville.

Dallas is my home and it’s where I live. I still have my apartment and all my stuff is in it and of course, my friends and family are there. I need to be in Nashville while I work on my EP, but staying in a hotel for an extended time isn’t really practical (not to mention $$$) and trying to find an Air BNB every time I come into town would be a nightmare. So, I rented an apartment, and for now, I’m splitting my time between Nashville and Dallas.

Hilary Williams Hank Williams Jr Daughter
No big deal. Just me and Hilary Williams … daughter of Hank Williams Jr.!

After coming home from Idol, I started writing like crazy but writing is such a personal and emotional process for me, I really needed to be in a creative space. In Nashville, I have the opportunity to listen to lots of live music, experience some different things and of course work with amazing writers. This will be my debut EP (you only get one!), and I want it to be perfect. I’m working with a team of people to write and select the right songs, so for the summer (between weddings and a few other events) I’ll be working in Nashville.

Caroline Kraddick Daydream

Someone wrote me on Insta the other night and said, “You look like you’re in your vacation heaven in Nashville.” I totally am. I could see live music every night. It’s more than a hobby, it’s my passion! But it also inspires me creatively and gives me ideas for songs. And “living my best life” doesn’t hurt!

Nashville is home for now, but Dallas will always be home. And Kidd’s Kids will always be one of my top priorities so I’ll be back in Dallas frequently. I’ve learned a lot in the last year but I’ve finally come to realize how healing my music and singing can be. So even though I’m in Nashville, I’m still living my mission to help others 🙂 ​



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