What's in My Bag?

Hot Sauce in My Bag…Swag


One of my favorite features in magazines is the “What’s In (insert celebrity here)’s Bag”. I always love seeing what is in celebrity’s bags so I figured you guys would ABSOLUTELY love to see what’s in a non-celebrity’s bag, right?! My friends refer to every bag I own as the “Mary Poppins” bag because it is always filled with things that a) don’t belong and b) shouldn’t be in there … like hot sauce? 



Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Perfume – I bought this perfume the night before I went to Mexico with my mom. I wanted something a little springy/summery and this was my answer. I love a yummy heavy winter perfume but it was time to transition to something a little lighter. I also got the Shimmering Body Oil, which is a game changer. It was absolutely STUNNING in the Cancun sun and perfect for spring and summer when you need to add a little shimmer and sexy to your evening!


My pink Dior sunglasses – My favorite Christmas gift this year from my mom. As we know from this post, Rose Quartz is huge this year, so I’m very happy to have this gorgeous pair of pink sunnies to liven up any outfit! 


Lily Pulitzer passport holder – I wish I could say I was super glamorous and always keep my passport handy so my boyfriend could scoop me up and take me to Spain at a moments notice, but let’s be real. I got no boyfriend and I got a j-o-b, so that ain’t happening. I just never took it out of my purse from Mexico. But boy, is that Lily passport holder cute!

Lilly Pulitzer Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set, Lilly’s Lagoon




Mophie – If you don’t have one of these, I’m about to change your world forever. I bought one a couple of years ago for the Kidd’s Kids trip. Being in the Disney parks all day without a way to charge your phone is no bueno, so my boss got me this bad baby and life hasn’t been the same since. Just charge your Mophie at night when you’re charging your phone and then keep it with you so you can charge your phone without an outlet. I like this SO much better than having a big case on your phone. Plus, this way you can keep a Lumee on your phone for Kim K level selfies!

You’ll love love love this!



Kylie Lip Kit – Yes, I am one of the lucky ones that has the Kylie lip kit. And I’m not trying to brag but I have all six. My bestie Jack found out they were live and in stock and got me all six immediately after they came out. There have been mixed reviews on them but I absolutely love them. Koko K and Candy K are great for every day, Mary J is the most beautiful red and Posie K is THE go-to pink lipstick of my life. They all come with lip liners – hence lip KIT. You can keep up when they go live on her Twitter and the Kylie Cosmetics account. @kyliecosmetics Be sure to get on QUICK so you can get your favorites!


My Simply Glowing products – I must be either crazy or just REALLY love my readers because Kari Lord (the owner of Simply Glowing) is my best kept secret and I’m about to share her with you. Kari started off as a mobile tanning guru but now has a home at Era Salon in Dallas and Reign Salon in Southlake. Kari makes her own organic spray tan solution that is second to none. I’ve been seeing her for almost three years now and I don’t let anyone else touch my skin. 


And it’s not just the homemade spray tan formula. Kari also makes amazing products to take home with you. My favorites are the Simply Hydrate and the Simply Nourishing Mousse. Simply Hydrate is a dry oil and it’s super hydrating but not greasy. The Simply Nourishing Mousse is a gradual sunless tan that you can use before bed and wake up glowing! You decide the depth of your tan by applying once or daily for a deeper glow. Great to use in between tans! 



Lulu Headband – I have a new obsession with spinning. I used Class Pass for a while but wasn’t a fan because I couldn’t get into any of the classes that I wanted. But the plus side was that I found a studio that I love, Ride House! After my first class with Allen, I knew I had found my studio “home”! Anyways, I keep this Lulu headband in my purse at all times for spin class, it’s lasted me like 3 years and it’s super soft and keeps my hair out of my face for my workouts! 



Lavender Essential Oil – Like most people, I have a ton going on and sometimes I can get a little stressed or overwhelmed … lavender to the rescue! I keep a diffuser at home in my room and in my office at work and love to diffuse oils before bed or when I need a pick-me-up at work! I know a lot of people have a favorite brand they like and I’ve tried a lot of them and they’re all pretty much the same to me but I got this brand (NOW) at Whole Foods and it works! Put a little on your palms and rub them together and inhale! Feel the stress go away a little bit…


Blotterazzi – Made by the people that make Beauty Blender, this product is as wonderful as its Beauty Blender sister. Instead of having those nasty blotting papers in your purse, use the Blotterazzi to absorb excess oil without taking off your makeup. All Texas girls will find this incredibly useful in the hot summers!

Now that you know what’s in my purse, tell me what’s in yours. Because, Mary Poppins always has room for one more thing!


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