Wediquette - How To Be A Good Wedding Guest

I’ve been told that as you get older, it becomes a beating to have to attend wedding after wedding, but I love it! It’s actually a fun way to spend a Saturday night, especially if it’s with a big group of friends. I went to my best friend in the whole world’s sister’s wedding in Austin a couple weeks ago. All my University of Texas friends that I loved visiting in college were there and it felt like a big reunion.

I’ve been invited to over 12 weddings this summer. I’m in a few and I’ve been asked to sing at a couple but at most of them, I’ll just be a guest. Since I’m at that age where “everyone” is getting married, I’m starting to feel like kind of a wedding guest expert! So I thought I’d share a few tips about how to be a good wedding guest.

Caroline Kraddick gives wediquette wedding guest tips

Only RSVP for those invited

The fact that you need to RSVP goes without saying. But there’s more. I sang in a good friend’s wedding last year and we had issues with our tables because a lot of our guy friends brought dates that weren’t included in the invitation. Listen, even if you receive an invitation with a “plus one”, it’s a good idea to go by The 6 Month Rule. If you haven’t been dating someone more than 6 months, they don’t get to attend the wedding. The bride and groom shouldn’t have to pay for the random date you met at the bar the night before … who you will probably never see again!

Send the gift

If you’ve ever been in a wedding, you know after the reception, the wedding party usually stays to help clean up. And part of clean up is getting the gifts home. Do the bride and groom a favor (and their parents as well) and send the gift instead of bringing it to the wedding. Almost everyone offers free shipping now and even if you have to pay the fee, it’s probably cheaper than gift-wrapping it yourself!

Don’t wear white

You’d think this would be a given but I’ve seen it firsthand. Somewhere in your closet, you have to have at least one wedding appropriate outfit that isn’t white. The bride should be the only one in anything close to white, so just to be safe, stay away from cream, light beige, creamy taupe … Just no. But you can wear black!

Caroline Kraddick gives wediquette wedding guest tips

Be on time

The saying goes, if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. And since it’s a wedding, add another 5-10 minutes, just to be safe. There’s nothing worse than guests sneaking into the church just before the wedding party heads down the aisle. Except, maybe sneaking in after the bride. Arrive early, get a good seat and be ready to stand up when the bride walks in!

Go unplugged during the ceremony

Even if the ceremony isn’t in a church, it’s still a ceremony. Don’t take pictures, don’t take video … just take in the moment. Go a step further and just turn your phone off. There will be plenty of time for pictures and video at the reception. Besides, the last thing the bride wants is a professional picture of her walking down the aisle while everyone holds up their cell phone (or iPad!).

Oh, and if you’re a big crybaby like I am, be sure to bring some tissues! Hi, I’m Caroline Kraddick and I cry at weddings. (And everything else, too!) But I’m an expert at wedding guest wediquette, so if you remember these tips, you’ll be the perfect guest and the bride and groom will thank you!



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