You CAN Wear White After Labor Day!!

If you grew up in the South, you’ve heard the rule, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day”. But if you’re me, you believe some rules were made to be broken!

Caroline Lace MIni Dress
Caroline off the shoulder white mini
Caroline white mini sunglasses

Listen, I know all about etiquette. Manners were a big thing when I was growing up and my grandma is so proper she eats a banana with a fork and knife. She’d be horrified to see me in a white dress in mid-September (unless it’s a wedding dress!). But the rule is old and outdated, not to mention it’s Texas. It could still be 1000 degrees in October! So if you’ve already moved your white clothes to the back of your closet, bring them back to the front! Let’s wear white!

If you have never worn white after Labor Day, white jeans are a good way to break the ice. Like blue jeans, they go with practically everything and they look great when paired with a nude wedge or Chuck Taylors. Your choice! I also love a great white shirt. Whether it’s a comfy, fitted tee or a classic button down, a white shirt can easily be dressed up or down with a few accessories.

And then there’s my favorite … the white dress. Everyone has a Little Black Dress but do you have a Little White Dress? You should! You can wear it almost anywhere (except a wedding!) and it looks good on just about everyone. You may have to experiment a little to find your shade of white, but it’s out there. Trust me. And make sure it’s not linen. It wrinkles like crazy and definitely a before Labor Day fabric! 😉

If you need a few ideas, I’ve linked a few things I love in the “Shop the Post” link below!



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