It’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

And while my obsessions tend to change fairly frequently, there’s one obsession I’ve had for a while. Chrissy Teigen.


If you’re into pop culture, my WCW may seem obvious, or even cliché, but I am truly obsessed with her. Chrissy is a chef, she’s hilarious, she’s gorgeous and she’s married to John Legend … I want to be her.


There are so many things I love about this woman. Let’s start with the connection that will make us immediate besties. FOOD!


Chrissy is a HUGE foodie and her Instagram is filled with pictures of the food she cooks (with her mom – SO cute!) and she actually eats it! She has a food blog  and just came out with a cookbook 

I can’t wait to make all the deliciousness she came up with! Like her low & slow egg recipe. It is literally my favorite thing in life because I hate eggs but I LOVE her recipe

They taste cheesy even though they don’t have cheese in them…how can you hate that?


She’s also hilarious. Chrissy is also a lover of pop culture and she doesn’t hesitate to comment on current events on Twitter. If you want to literally, laugh out loud, Google “Chrissy Teigen funny tweets”. The mere stream of consciousness will have you on the floor. Clearly, she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself. I mean, she cried over triple cream brie. That’s totally something I would do! 




That time she was Guy Fieri


Plus, she’s obsessed with the Real Housewives of Every City, just like I am. See. Besties!


And most of all, she’s real. I think I may have fallen in love with her when she posted an Instagram of her stretch marks … the first time. Chrissy is honest about her body and her “flaws” and she lets you know that it takes WORK to get camera ready. She also doesn’t take to internet trolls well. If you’re mean or rude, she’ll call you on it. Celebrities have feelings too! Which is why she isn’t talking about her pregnancy on social media anymore. Some people ruin it for everybody. :/


Oh, and she’s married to John Legend. Did you see the Instagram she posted showing off his booty? Enough said.


Caroline Cradick


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