Covers With Caroline - Up to the Mountain

Up to the Mountain, Patty Griffin – Covers With Caroline

A few years ago, I started seeing a Christian counselor. She has really been an inspiration to me and has the best way of putting things into perspective and showing me exactly how it relates to me.


A while back, she reminded me of a story from the bible that related to my life. It was the story of Caleb (Joshua 14:6-15), who was the leader of the tribe of Judah. The story starts when Caleb is about 40 years old and to make a long story really short, God promised Caleb a mountain of abundance but Caleb had to wait VERY patiently to get it. While everyone else was betraying the word of God and letting fear consume them, Joshua and Caleb continued to follow Him.

In the end, they were rewarded for their faithfulness but it took 45 years. Caleb did not get to claim his mountain until he was 85 years old! That’s a long freaking time to wait, but eventually he got everything he wanted and more, because he was faithful.

My story is not that obvious but it is similar. I have had the gift of my voice for nearly my entire life and I have been waiting a long time to use it in the best way possible. A way that would fill my soul without being self-serving. American Idol was my mountain. THAT SOUNDS SO CHEESY BUT I DON’T CARE! Because before I left for my audition, my counselor told me, “Go claim your mountain!”

The first time I heard “Up to The Mountain” by Patty Griffin, it resonated with me in so many ways. It reminded me of my dad, it reminded me of my struggles and battles, and it reminded me of my faith and my relationship with God.

Obviously, this song is INCREDIBLY close to my heart. Every word feels like it describes where I’ve been and where I’m going. There’s a real vulnerability in publicly sharing something that is so defining of my faith but at the same time it’s also very cathartic to share something that reflects my journey.

If you’re going through something and you feel your faith wavering, just know there is a mountain out there waiting for you.



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