Two Peas In A Podcast

Two Peas in a Podcast. It’s a podcast and I’m a podcaster! Is that a word? I have no idea. But if it is, I’m officially one of them.

The office staff for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show were all given the opportunity to start our own podcasts. I have no idea why. But, because we’re all crazy obsessed with ourselves, we all said yes. And because Elena and I are exactly alike (and SO not), we decided to partner up and do this thing!

Caroline Kraddick Elena Davies
Caroline and Elena Two Peas in a Podcast
Caroline Kraddick Elena Davies

So what can two 26 year-olds who are trying our best at adulting (but only succeeding about 50% of the time) talk about? Everything.


Financial responsibility. Or irresponsibility, as the case may be.

Obsessions … like with chocolate milk, for example.

Is apple cider vinegar a crazy, magical cure-all?

Super-famous guests! Not really. But we do have guests.

Whose mom loves whom more.

Which one of us is the yummiest smelling girl in all of Dallas and which one of us only takes a shower once a week whether she needs to or not?

And that’s just the beginning. Stick around and we’ll eventually get around to fashion, music, pop culture and all the other things that randomly pop into our heads!

So head on over to my podcast page and see what we’re up to!

Caroline + Elena = Two Peas in a Podcast



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