Tomorrow is Kidd's Kids Day

Tomorrow is Kidd’s Kids Day. After nearly 25 years of attending the Kidd’s Kids trip as a friend to the kids and later, an unofficial volunteer, I’m now on the other side.

Even though I’m the original Kidd’s Kid, I’m not sure I ever saw myself in this place. It’s almost surreal to now be running the charity I’ve literally been involved with since birth. Kidd’s Kids has always been a part of my life and I always knew it would be. My dad founded the charity in honor of his baby and now it’s my baby. And I see it differently now.

We always talk about what the Kidd’s Kids trip does for the kids and how it helps them. Attending the trip for so many years, I’ve seen it first hand. But what about the parents? I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older or because I’m involved in the decision-making now, but since taking over the charity, I’m seeing what it does for the parents.

Caroline with a Kidd's Kids mom

As a parent, one of your biggest fears is something happening to your child. And when your child is struck with a life altering condition, everything changes. But your child isn’t the only one that changes. It changes you too. The way you see your child, the way you care for them … Your job is to protect your child and when that becomes beyond your control, it alters your reality. But for a few short days, the Kidd’s Kids trip changes that.

For a few days, there are no worries. No worries about your child being teased for being different or feeling left out. No worries about having to tell your child they’re missing another activity or birthday party because they’ll be at the doctor or receiving another treatment. No worries about whether there will be enough money to pay medical bills or enjoy something extra. For a few days, the parents also get to forget and just enjoy being parents to kids that are “normal” and just like everyone else. For a few days, the parents get to be like every one else too.

Tomorrow is Kidd’s Kids Day. And as we prepare for our 25th trip (it’s still crazy for me to say that! 25!!), I hope you’ll consider supporting us. There are many ways to donate and every dollar counts, so if you’re able, please think about helping us make our 25th Kidd’s Kids trip the best one yet!



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