When Things Don't Go As Planned

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

You know how you get SUPER excited when Apple tells you about a HUGE upcoming announcement they’re going to make about a product? Like maybe a new iPhone. Something big is coming and everyday the anticipation builds and then right before the release, they tell you the announcement is going to be delayed. That. *Sad trombone*

This secret has been in the works for a while and I was all set to make this grand announcement with streamers and glitter and horns (virtually, of course!) and now due to circumstances beyond my control, I can’t.

Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe it. There really aren’t even words. Not only because I was really looking forward to making the announcement, but also because I would never want you to think I would purposely deceive you. I feel like I built everyone up and now I’m letting you down. And I hate that.

I can say that the announcement is still coming. It’s just going to be delayed a bit. But as soon as I’m able, I’ll share the news and I promise you’ll be the first to know!”



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