These Are My Obsessions

“These are my obsessions …” – Someone cue up Usher!

It’s a new week, which in my world, means I have new obsessions. TV, food, music … that covers most of my bases!

crazy ex-girlfriend obsession

Crazy Ex-girlfriend

I love this show so much! Rachel Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, an attorney who ditches her life in New York to move to California to follow her ex-boyfriend. It’s a really smart and funny comedy, but the best part is, it’s a musical. Not a musical like Broadway, but more musical-ish like Glee. It’s awesome, I promise. It originally aired on The CW but it’s available on Netflix and totally binge-worthy.

hand salad bon appetit

Hand Salad

Crazy name and even crazier trend. If you can call it that. It all started with bon appétit Magazine. They posted a “recipe” for Hand Salad on their website, but rather than being an actual recipe, it’s just Romaine heart leaves and a yogurt-lemon dressing. According to bon appétit, they named it hand salad because “lettuce and dip doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun”. I guess. But you know what is fun? The Internet … and their response to Hand Salad. They were NOT having it. You can search Twitter for “Hand Salad” or just check out this link from The Today Show with some of the best responses. You’re welcome!

Khalid location american teen


He’s 19 years old, from El Paso, amazing and NOT the same person as DJ Khaled. He’s Khalid and he’s awesome! People really started to notice Khalid when Kylie Jenner used his song “Location” in one of her snaps. After that, he kind of exploded and soon he’s going to be everywhere. “Location” is my current fave and “Young, Dumb and Broke” is close behind. It’s just good vibin’ music. Set your DVR because Khalid will be on The Ellen Show next week. Get on this now!

masterpiece quote


I LOVE quotes. It always seems like the one you really need, pops up exactly when you need to hear it! And this one was no different.

“You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

Last week I mentioned that I’m working on changing my lifestyle (which includes eliminating the word ‘diet’ from my vocabulary). When you’re in that mode, it’s easy to fall into thinking that you’re trying to “fix” yourself even though you’re not really broken. This quote was a great reminder of that!

Don’t forget, just because you’re trying to improve a part of yourself, doesn’t mean you’re not already awesome!



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