Happy Thanksgiving!

Like most of you, I’m thankful for my life every day, but there’s something about Thanksgiving Day that gives you a chance to reflect on just how fortunate you are.

This has been a big year for Kidd’s Kids and we’ve grown so much throughout 2017. We just returned from this year’s trip where we took 50 kids to Disney World, we added the Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip over the summer and we have even bigger plans for 2018. Over the years, we’ve taken on several corporate sponsors, and we’re so fortunate to have their support, but this trip still wouldn’t happen without the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show listeners.

Our world has been filled with so much tragedy lately and there are so many people and organizations that need help. Even though Kidd’s Kids Day is the dedicated to the big Kidd’s Kids Trip, we’re fundraising year-round now. And I know how it feels when every time you turn around, another organization is asking for a donation. But our listeners always come through. And it means everything to me.

I can’t express how special this trip is and how much I cherish the connections I have made. I see firsthand what this trip means to the kids and their families but sometimes I think it means it also means more to me. The joy and happiness I see in those precious faces fills my heart and keeps me going when the days are dark.

The legacy my dad left is very close to my heart and so are all of our families. I am so thankful and blessed to be able to continue Kidd’s Kids and even more thankful and blessed that all of you continue to support us!

Caroline Kraddick Thank you

I hope all of you are spending this day with loved ones and that you’re able to truly appreciate and enjoy all of your blessings. I know I am!

Keep Looking Up!



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