Thank You for a Great 2016!

Thank You!

2016. I didn’t get a tattoo, I didn’t move to a new city, and I didn’t dye my hair lighter like I have the last couple of years. But this year was definitely a year of growth. I started this blog, I was promoted to CEO of Kidd’s Kids and I’m now a part of the on-air staff at the Kidd Kraddick Show.

Every year is an opportunity for self-discovery … if you’re open to it. And for me, that included finding my voice. My OWN voice.

This blog has given me the platform to truly be myself and I’m still pinching myself that my wonderful readers (that’s y’all!) want to keep up with what I’m doing! It’s given me a chance to share my music, to really cultivate and enhance my passion for cooking and hosting, and to share my innermost thoughts. And weirdness.

So thank you. Thank you for continuing to support Kidd’s Kids. Thank you for supporting me as I try to follow in my dad’s footsteps with a career in radio. Thank you for reading my blog and following me on social media (hopefully laughing with me and not at me). Really, just thank you for sticking with me as I figure out this life.

I try not to make New Year’s resolutions because of all people, I know, when we make plans, God laughs. But what I do try to do is set intentions for the year ahead. For 2017, my intent is to keep exploring my passions. I hope to continue to grow and expand Kidd’s Kids and keep helping people in whatever way I can. I intend to continue growing … spiritually in my relationship with God and emotionally in my maturity. And growing into the best Caroline Kraddick I can be!



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