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I woke up today and literally lived my dream life. I was invited to be on Good Morning Texas to sing one of my favorite “Covers with Caroline” songs with my best friend, J Mack, and talk about The Bachelor. I mean, really? Who gets to do that? I have made live-tweeting The Bachelor an occurrence every Monday and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, people like my commentary! I was thrilled when Mike Castalucci from Good Morning Texas started interacting with me on The Bachelor because he also live-tweets.

Good Morning Texas is one of my favorite shows to watch every morning, and it is very dear to my heart because they were my first interview after my father passed in 2013. I had actually worked with Good Morning Texas when I interned at Casa Manana Theatre in Fort Worth, so to go from interning to being on the show was surreal. Since then, the kind folks from GMT have had me on as a return guest and completely opened their arms and hearts to me! Carrie, Mike and Jane are all so kind, spunky and fun and it was such a joy to be on today!


Caroline Cradick


If you missed it, you can watch our performance and The Bachelor trivia chat on wfaa.com!


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