Subaru Shares the Love

It’s been an exciting year for Kidd’s Kids. A new trip, a new song and new partners!

I had big plans for Kidd’s Kids going into this year and big plans require big support! The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show listeners have always been the biggest supporters of Kidd’s Kids and while I hope that will always be the case, to really expand the reach of Kidd’s Kids, we needed to call in the big guns.

We’ve been fortunate that there’s always been a lot of interest in Kidd’s Kids but when we bring on a partner, I always want to make sure it’s a company that truly understands the mission of Kidd’s Kids. We also look for companies whose values align with ours and work to contribute to the their communities. Partners like Five Star Subaru.

Subaru started the “Share the Love” campaign in 2008. Every year during the Share the Love event, Subaru retailers donate $250 from every car sold, to various charities. Since the Share the Love event started, Subaru retailers have donated millions to charity organizations. And what I love is that it’s not about selling cars, it’s about giving back to their communities.

So when Subaru reached out to Kidd’s Kids, I knew I wanted to partner with them.

Kidd’s Kids was the recipient of Five Star Subaru’s Share the Love event this year and to say I was thrilled when they chose us is an understatement. Five Star Subaru has a real commitment to the community and values that align with not only Kidd’s Kids, but mine as well.

This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t know much about automobile sales and I had no idea how many cars a dealership sells in 6 weeks. For all I knew, it could be one or two a week. You can imagine my surprise when Five Star Subaru presented Kidd’s Kids with a check for $10,000! As we prepare for the new Teen Trip, an unexpected $10,000 donation felt like a miracle!

Subaru Share the Love

I am so excited about our partnership with Five Star Subaru and appreciate everything they’ve done for us. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!



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