Staycation Dallas - Let's Eat!

The Staycation planning continues!

Now that you have a few options on where to stay, you have to eat. Dallas has some of the best restaurants in the country and there are so many, you could literally eat out for every single meal for a year and never repeat a restaurant. So, how do you choose? Well, I’m going to give you some of my faves and what to order when you’re there!

Town Hearth

Town Hearth Dallas

Town Hearth isn’t just great food, it’s Dallas’ newest hot spot. It can be hard to get in so reservations are a must and try to go on a weeknight, if you can. Chef Nick Badovinus is definitely my chef crush; not only is he the chef, he decorated the restaurant himself. There are 64 crystal chandeliers, a submarine and a 61 MG roadster in the dining room. It’s the only restaurant I’ve ever been to where the décor matches the amazing food! Make sure to order the elotes, mac and cheese, and meatballs. So yummy.


Avila's Dallas

Whenever anyone asks about my favorite Tex-Mex, I always tell them Avila’s. It’s a tiny little dive on Maple Street (next to the other best dive, Maple and Motor) and has maybe 10 tables. The food is authentic, affordable and delish. Do not leave without having the queso. It is the best!


Carbone's Dallas

Carbone’s is my favorite when it comes to Italian. It’s super quaint and located in Oak Lawn Village. Their food is straight-forward, no frills and delicious. The pasta is homemade … like Old World Italian Nonna spending the whole day in the kitchen homemade. It’s real Italian. You can’t go wrong with the Spaghetti and Meatballs or Tortellini Vodka. Both to die for!

The Honor Bar

The Honor Bar Dallas

I’ll admit it. I’m definitely a “chain” snob. I try to eat local and stay away from big chain restaurants but The Honor Bar is one of my fave little spots. It’s tucked away in Highland Park Village and their menu is as small as the restaurant. It’s packed around dinnertime but because the menu is light, going at an off time like pre-Happy Hour or late night bites might be best. Everything on the menu is amazing. Eat the Brussels sprouts! You will love them, I promise!


Javier's Dallas Cantinflas

If I were ever on death row and had to pick my last meal, it would without a doubt be the Cantinflas from Javier’s. It is a Chihuahua cheese-stuffed beef tenderloin with this delicious red chile sauce. I’ve been going to Javier’s since I was a little girl and have never eaten anything other than the Cantinflas. Start with some cheese panela or the trio (steak, shrimp, and quail) and wash it down with a skinny jalapeño margarita and you’re all set. Make sure to end your evening with a Café Pierre (flaming coffee with yummy liqueurs) before you head to the cigar lounge.

Nick and Sam’s Grill Park Cities

Nick and Sam's Grill Park Cities

Anyone who know Dallas, knows about The Grill’s “big brother”, Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse. But Nick and Sam’s Grill Park Cities is one of my favorite places to go with girlfriends who can’t decide what they want. Nothing is more frustrating than going out with a bunch of girls who can’t agree on what to eat. But at Nick and Sam’s Grill, you can have sushi, pizza, pasta, or even steak! Who doesn’t love that? Any of Chef John’s pasta creations of the week are always delicious and the Park Cities roll is my fave if you like sushi. Oh, also, the salt and pepper lobster is not to be missed!

There are SO many great places to eat in Dallas. You could literally throw a rock and find somewhere delicious. If you have a fave I need to check out, let me know. I’m always willing to try something new!



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