St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and not just because I’m half-Irish. The real reason is all my Austin friends come up for the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade and it’s a huge reunion weekend! Now, if you’re familiar with the parade, you probably think it’s just a huge party. And while that’s partially true, here’s a little tidbit that you might not know. The parade is put on by the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association, and all the proceeds from the parade benefit the GAABA Scholarship fund, which goes directly to DISD students. So, while you’re getting your party on, you’re also helping out a great charity!


If you’ve never done the parade (first, why not?), there’s really no wrong way to do it. But I’ve done this thing more than once so here are a few highlights from my personal experience!


First, decide what time you’re getting started and how you’re getting there. People will start lining up as early as 7am to get a prime spot but early is relative! DART is a great option that will put you right on Greenville and Uber is awesome too. Be prepared for surge pricing, but you can use my code gbsz5 for $15 off your first ride!


Next, put your St. Patty’s Party Outfit on! (Mine is linked below) And then get the party started with a mimosa or my favorite Irish beer, Harp! Or maybe an Irish coffee because it’s gonna be a LONG day! But no drinking on the street, because DPD will issue you a citation. No bueno!

RomperStriped TeePerfume

another cute outfit would be White Jeans & A Green Scarf!


The parade starts! Get comfortable because there are almost 100 floats. The parade starts at Greenville Avenue and Blackwell Street and runs straight down Greenville until it hits SMU Boulevard, so you can park it almost anywhere. But plan your post-parade route and sit close to where you want to be afterward. The less you have to walk, the better. And most of the cross-streets will be closed, so plan accordingly! 



When the parade ends, check out the post-parade concert. This year, Third Eye Blind is performing at the Energy Square parking lot at the corner of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard! Doors open at noon, so go early to beat the rush! Tickets are still available!


After 3EB, keep the 90s vibe going by hanging out with my favorite 90s cover band, The Clinton Years over at The Rustic. You’re only halfway through the day so relax, refuel with some yummy food, and have a few green beers! DUH!


All the regular Greenville party spots will be on and poppin’ so be sure to hit up your faves. But if you’ve had enough St. Patty’s celebrating and you want to get out of Greenville, come find me at McKinney Avenue Tavern. I’ll be the girl singing karaoke with Big Al!


And speaking of Big Al, the BEST way to experience the parade is up close and personal … by being IN the parade! If you want to be in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, you can ride with Big Al in the MAT’s bus and trailer. Big Al has 10,000 sets of beads to and it will only cost you $30, which is a bargain if you consider Uber surge pricing! You can buy your tickets at the MAT beforehand or show up at the MAT at 7am on Saturday (the 19th) and buy your ticket then!


Hope this helps you to have an awesome (and easy!) St. Patty’s Day. Be safe and make sure to post lots of pics!


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