Sprinkles Birthdays are the Best Birthdays

So as y’all know, I’ve had some awesome birthday parties throughout my life, but one of my favorite stories is from my 18th birthday party. Being an April birthday, I was pretty much the last person in my class to turn 18. With our high school graduation being about a week after my birthday, my parents wanted to do something super special for my 18th. 

I know Bon Jovi wasn’t every 18 year old’s favorite band, but I loved them because I grew up listening to them and Jon was a friend of my dad’s. So what better present for my birthday than a suite at the American Airlines Center for Bon Jovi? Plus, by that time I had figured out if you throw in a limo (or in this case, a party bus) and a suite … the kids will flock. 

Dad put this party together all on his own (my mom was thrilled) and he asked me if I wanted a cake or something sweet to go along with the suite catering. Keep in mind this was 2008, Sprinkles Cupcakes was hot, hot, hot – and a Dallas location had just opened in Preston Center. If you remember, when they first opened, the line was always out the door so I asked my dad if we could PLEASE get Sprinkles Cupcakes for my birthday. My dad agreed, as per usual … because anything to make “the girl” happy. “The girl” was a nickname my parents had for me growing up.

 The night of my birthday party came around and about 20 of my guy and girl friends piled on a party bus to go from Fort Worth to Dallas. When we arrived, my dad had the suite completely decked out for my birthday. I was such a happy girl. After eating my fair share of chicken strips and French fries (an American Airlines Center delicacy), it was time for cupcakes! My dad had arranged two dozen Sprinkles cupcakes on a really cute tower and my friends started digging in. For most of them, it was their first time having Sprinkles because they were so hard to get. Being the daughter of Kidd Kraddick (who was always up on all the hot trends), I prided myself on being the first to know about the cool things. So I was beaming and as far as I was concerned, the cupcakes were a bigger success than Bon Jovi.


Later that night, my dad, J-Si (yes I’ve known him since before I was 18 … scary, right?) and I were hanging out and my dad says, “Did everybody love the girl’s cupcakes?” “Yes!” I said. “Thanks so much for getting those, Deeder!” He said, “Well, you should be thankful. I had to get those all the way from California!” Not knowing if it was a typical dad joke or he was serious, I replied “Huh?” Then he said

“They don’t have these suckers in Dallas yet CC.

I had to get these shipped on dry ice from LA!” 

 My dad had 24 Sprinkles Cupcakes shipped from Los Angeles because he didn’t know that the new shop had opened in Dallas. Only my dad would go above and beyond to get “the girl” what she wanted. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. Half because I felt sorry for him and half because I realized what an amazing daddy I had. 

 Now, I absolutely INSIST on having Sprinkles Cupcakes for every single birthday. Just like Silver Oak wine, I eat the cupcakes because they remind me of how much my sweet daddy loved me. I pray every single day that I marry a man who is half the dad that my dad was to me. 


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