Silver Linings

Silver Linings

Silver linings. Someone pinch me because this is a silver lining I only saw in my dreams.

The past few months have both completely dragged on and totally flown by. I came home from Idol at the end of January but I was pretty much on my death bed (the flu is no joke!) so I hadn’t really processed the fact that I’d been sent home. After that, it was a month of waiting to announce that I’d auditioned for American Idol and then wondering whether or not I’d be featured on the show. And then all of a sudden, I was announcing I’d been sent home even though you never really saw me on the show!

Fast forward from just a couple of weeks ago and now things are moving so quickly, I barely know what day it is! Right now, I’m in LA with Ryan Cabrera making a record! I’ll be home in a couple of days and then I’ll be performing at Big Beat Dallas! Seriously! What is this life?

Caroline Kraddick Ryan Cabrera

First, LA. This has been such a crazy experience and I’ll tell you more when I have a minute to wrap my head around this whole thing. Which may never happen because I’m recording an album!!! Like, singing in a studio and recording songs that I wrote. Unbelievable. I have so much to tell you but for now, here’s a quick preview!

I’ll be back from LA this weekend and then I have another gig that I’m super excited about! Next Tuesday (April 17th), I’ll be singing an acoustic set in the Texas Lottery Plaza at Big Beat Dallas. If you don’t know about Big Beat Dallas yet, you will!

Big Beat Dallas is this really cool plaza area in the middle of the Toyota Music Factory in Las Colinas and it’s going to be THE place to be this summer. There are restaurants with patios, a farmer’s market and Happy Hour every day of the week. And there will be live music every single night, which is why I’ll be there!

Tuesday night, I perform at 7pm, and kids are allowed until 8p, so you can come and bring the kids (admission is free before 9p!) and then still get them home and in bed before it gets too late! And for the month of April, a portion of the cover charge and the raffle tickets will go to Kidd’s Kids!

If you don’t have plans on Tuesday, I’d love to see you! And stay tuned, because I’ll have more news to share soon!


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