Raising Cane's Give Back Day - Kidd's Kids

Meal planning has become a huge thing lately. There are websites, apps … even meal services completely dedicated to helping people plan out exactly what they’re going to eat every day. Whether you meal-plan to stay on track with your eating, to save time or just because you don’t want to deal with the whole “What should we eat for dinner” question every day, it seems like everyone’s getting on board.

So, if meal-planning is your thing, or even if it’s not, let me help you plan for next Tuesday. Two words. Raising Cane’s.

Raising Cane’s has been a major sponsor of Kidd’s Kids for the last 6 years and I couldn’t be happier. But it’s more than just the donations. Todd Graves (the founder) is a true class act and one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. For Todd, life is bigger than just his business. ONE LOVE doesn’t just represent his chicken. It represents everything Raising Cane’s stands for. Todd cares about his employees, the community and is committed to giving back. And part of that giving back is to Kidd’s Kids.

Next Tuesday, April 11th, Raising Cane’s is donating 15% of the day’s sales to Kidd’s Kids. Not only that, you can make a donation to Kidd’s Kids at the restaurant! If you want to round up your bill or add an additional $5 or $10, you can do it right there at Raising Cane’s! They make it super easy!

And dinner is easy too! Just start with some chicken fingers and add some coleslaw and crinkle fries and you’re done. But don’t forget the Cane’s sauce, because YUM!

So, go ahead and make plans to eat at Raising Cane’s on Tuesday. Grab your friends from the office and go for lunch or swing by and pick up dinner for the kids on the way home. 15% of the day’s sales will go directly to Kidd’s Kids and that’s a whole lot of chicken! 😉



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