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Rainbows, Silence, Boomerangs and Bachelors. Obsessions.

Let’s get to it!

“Rainbow” – Kesha

Kesha has been through so much recently and I think this album has been really cathartic for her. It has a different vibe, a different sound and you can really hear how great her voice is! No more brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack!

A a a a a Very Good Song – Samir Mezrahi

Samir Mezrahi

Let me set the scene for you …
You get in your car, you plug in your phone and your iTunes begins to play. And thanks to alphabetical order, the first song is “A Team” by Ed Sheeran. Or “A Punk” by Vampire Weekend. Or some other “A” song that you hear every single time your car starts. But then Samir Mezrahi recorded a song called “A a a a a Very Good Song” and it’s awesome. Why? Because it’s 10 minutes of silence, which gives you plenty of time to hit shuffle or find the playlist you want to hear. It’s genius! Life changing!!! I know. First World Problem, for sure. But still genius.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

If you’re like me, you constantly have a million emails in your Inbox because instead of responding immediately, you leave them there like a to-do list. I have the solution! Well, Google does. It’s called Boomerang for Gmail and it’s awesome. It’s an app that allows you to schedule your emails. You can send them later, you can make them disappear and return later when you need to respond or you can use it as a reminder to follow up on emails you’re still waiting on a response from. Yay productivity!

Wells for The Bachelor

Wells Adams The Bachelor

There are rumors floating around that Wells Adams is being set up to be the next Bachelor! Wells is the radio personality from Nashville who was on The Bachelorette during JoJo’s season. He does drunk Bachelor commentary on Snapchat during The Bachelor and ABC liked him so much, they brought him on as the “bartender” in Bachelor in Paradise. He isn’t allowed to participate in the game, so he’s just sitting back, taking everything in and watching all the couples fall in love. Which sets him up to be the perfect Bachelor. I LOVE IT!

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