Post Holiday Blahs

It’s cold outside and the sun hasn’t been making a regular appearance. Your life is going well but you kinda feel like you’re in a funk and you don’t really know why. It might be the Post Holiday Blahs!

Post Holiday Blahs? Is that a thing? It is! It’s that blah feeling that starts to consume you after you’ve gotten back into your normal routine and you realize your next vacay is months away. The holiday party invitations are no longer rolling in and instead of Christmas cards, your mailbox is filled with bills. Yep. Post Holiday Blahs. I told you it was a thing! So what’s a girl to do?

Start With the House

Christmas is my favorite holiday so I try to keep my decorations up as long as I possibly can. I decorated before the Kidd’s Kids trip (the week before Thanksgiving!) and I just took everything down last week.
But now my home feels incredibly bare, which prompted me to start a project!CC-Textures_Colorized-7706

I have a huge, fake deer head in my kitchen that I decorated with tinsel and fun Christmas-y things. I loved it so much, I’ve decided to decorate it for every holiday! And by decorate I mean call my bestie, Morgan, to decorate it for every holiday. She has an incredible eye and designs the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees. She even made a gorgeous homemade wreath for my home. How cute will my deer look with hearts and pink ribbon? It will be the perfect centerpiece for my upcoming Gal-entine’s Day Party!

Recreate Your Social Scene

I bought into the idea of “Dry January” which means no alcohol treats the entire month of January. I’m happy to report that I’ve only cheated twice and one was at the celebration of my blog launch. That’s excused right?


In the meantime, I’m looking for fun ways to connect with my girlfriends without all the partying we did during the holidays. Whether it’s cooking a healthy meal at my house or watching the Bachelor together, we’re doing it without alcohol. Although the cast of characters on this season’s Bachelor may drive me to drink!

Develop New Habits

I’m all about baby steps, so instead of making grand gestures of change, I like to make small changes that will hopefully stick. Right now I’m working on replacing one bad habit with one good habit. And every week, I’ll add a new one. Sunday, I meal prepped every meal for the week because I’m really bad about waiting until the morning, which sets me up for disaster (aka Mi Cocina). I have a mini fridge in my office that I keep stocked with turkey pepperoni, deli turkey meat, hard-boiled eggs and some celery to nosh on during the day so I stay on track.


These are just a few things I’m doing to fight off the Post Holiday Blahs. It’s easy to choose snuggling up under the blankets and hibernating ‘til Spring instead. But don’t give in! Be proactive, fight through and that Spring sunshine will be here before you know it!


Caroline Cradick


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