Pillow Talk

How do you know your friends love you? When they go to LA and bring you back a Karl Lagerfeld pillow! But not just any Karl Lagerfeld pillow. A pillow that goes perfectly with your Willie Nelson one. Except after a little research, I found out Karl isn’t really a pillow. He’s a doll. But it doesn’t matter, because it serves the same purpose. To add a little happy to my home!

karl lagerfeld doll holding a kitten

I love to decorate … and redecorate. But changing out your entire design scheme whenever the mood strikes isn’t exactly affordable or practical. So when I get the itch to change things up, I change out a few decorative items which is a lot easier than redesigning the entire room! And for me, the easiest change is pillows.

I love a good throw pillow! It’s so easy to switch up your look by exchanging old pillows for new colors or textures, and I especially love to throw in a message pillow to match my mood. Walking into my house and seeing something that makes me laugh is a great way to make a bad day better!

I picked out a few of my favorites to share with y’all (that I also dropped in my shopping cart). Choose a few that make you smile and maybe pick up one as a gift. They make great presents for the friend that has everything!

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Apparently, the rest of the world had the same idea as my friend, Ashton, because Karl is completely sold out! But Anna Wintour and Audrey Hepburn are both still available!


I think these are super cute for your bedroom and neutral enough that they won’t clash with your color scheme. Plus, who doesn’t need a little Beyoncé to start the day?


And three of my favorite things! Wine, coffee and elephants!!


Happy decorating!




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