Orange Crush Cocktail

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Orange Crush Cocktail

Things seemed a lot simpler when I was a kid. I think there were less things to worry about, less things to occupy our time and a successful summer consisted of going swimming every day and eating ice pops. Can we go back to that for a while? Well, actually, we can. Sort of.

I enjoy hanging by the pool as much as I did when I was a kid, but I don’t enjoy ice pops as much. Maybe it’s hotter now or maybe I’m a slower eater, but I can’t manage to finish anything frozen on a stick without it melting all over my hand. And melted, sticky goodness dribbling down your arm isn’t a good look for anyone over the age of 7. So I figured out a way to have my frozen treat and eat it too!

caroline kraddick crush

Orange Crush is one of the things childhood memories are made of and what goes better with a pool than a yummy cocktail? So how about an Orange Crush Cocktail? This one is super easy, so you can whip some up for your friends without getting stuck as the official bartender of the afternoon.

This Orange Crush cocktail will take you right back to your childhood and you just might feel like a kid again. That is, of course, until you have to get ready to go back to work. Enjoy!


* 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
* 1 ice cold Crush
* 1 or 2 shots of vanilla vodka
* Maraschino cherries
* Orange slice for garnish
* Flamingo Straw


Start with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cup. Pour an ice-cold Orange Crush over the ice cream. Add a shot of vanilla vodka (or 2 if you’re feeling extra festive). Mix it up a bit and pour it into your favorite pineapple (because all drinks taste better in a pineapple!) and add a couple of maraschino cherries and an orange slice for garnish. And don’t forget a cute straw. I prefer a flamingo!

caroline kraddick crush cocktail



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