Obsessed With My Obsessions

It’s obsession time and this week’s obsessions include a new theme song for me!

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is the new HBO show based on the book by the same name. I haven’t read the book but I binge-watched the show this weekend. O.M.G. It’s SO good. I love the show because the acting is amazing but my favorite part is the music. Great music makes an already cool show, way cooler!

Charcoal Tooth Whitening

Charcoal is taking over all things beauty. Soap, cleansers, masks … it’s everywhere! Including teeth. Despite it being black, using charcoal on your teeth makes them whiter! I’ve been using Dr. Song’s Charcoal Whitening and I’m definitely obsessed. All you have to do is dip your toothbrush in the powder and brush! It’s pretty messy and your sink will be black when you’re done but it works. The powder is really fine, so it’s not scratchy or gritty and it doesn’t have a taste or a smell, so what’s stopping you?

Kylie Velvets

Kylie Velvets are the creamy version of the matte Kylie Lip Kits. If matte isn’t your look, you’re going to love the Velvets. Each kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner but it’s not glossy. And once it dries, it pretty much stays on. So if you’re kissing on someone, you won’t have to worry about them looking like a clown afterward!

Obsession – Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is a rapper/singer/songwriter who has spent the last few years working on projects for other artists. But now he’s shifted the focus to himself and I am obsessed with “Obsession”. It’s a great feel-good song for the summer … and now my segment has a real theme song! Sorry, Usher!

Let me know what your favorite obsession has been so far and what you’re obsessing with, in case I need to add to my list!



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