Obsessed with my Obsessions

The perfect way to start of my obsessions is, of course, with a song, but when you hear about this rosé, I promised you’ll be hooked! Enjoy!

Jillian Jacqueline – Reasons

I fell in love will Jillian Jacqueline back in 2014 when I saw her at a writers round up in Nashville. I knew then that she was going to be huge and I was right! Y’all know I’m a big country music fan but it’s still such a boy’s world, so I am loving seeing female artists like Maren Morris and Jillian Jacqueline break through. She has such a positive girl power vibe, I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Drake and Josh

If you were a Nickelodeon fan from back in the day, you know Drake and Josh. “Drake and Josh” was one of those Nickelodeon “sitcoms” and the show was filled with super goofy guy humor – think Beavis and Butthead-ish. Well, Drake and Josh both grew up and Drake went the tatted, rock star look and Josh got hot. Josh got married a couple of weeks ago but Drake wasn’t invited to the wedding and that news sparked all kinds of teen angst type drama. Drake got his feelings hurt and Josh says that’s stupid because they haven’t talked in 3 years and now there are commentaries and Twitter feuds and the whole thing is hilarious! If you need a little mindless celeb drama in your life or you just need a good laugh, definitely Google this. You can find the Twitter feud, complete with commentary!

Ashley Sievert

Ashley Sievert is a New Orleans based makeup artist who developed her own makeup line. She is an amazing artist and super sweet. We held a Kidd’s Kids Glam even the last time I was in New Orleans and Ashley provided all the makeup and services for the makeovers. She is fantastic and I’m obsessed with her products. Right now, I’m really loving her Mineral Velvet Crème. It’s so lightweight and almost like a mousse. And one makeup tip she taught me is to put on your concealer, after your foundation. Who knew? Definitely check out the Under Eye Brightener. You know, after your foundation! 😉

Aldi’s $8 Rosé

The International Wine Challenge, which is basically the Oscars of wine, chose an $8 wine as their winner. And not just any $8 wine. A wine from Aldi! If you don’t know Aldi, they’re a discount grocery store known for having high quality products at a low price. According to Aldi, the wine is French with “delicate yet intense flavours of summer fruits, with a subtle quartzy spice.” Which translates to “pour yourself a glass of this yummy rosé and grab a spot by the pool”. Rosé all day, y’all!

So now you have something to do this weekend! Head to the pool with some rosé, listen to a little Jillian Jacqueline and catch up on the latest Drake and Josh gossip!



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