It's Not Justin Timberlake But It Is A Giveaway!

Well, I’m two days too late for the Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna Be May!” meme, but I have something better. A giveaway! And it is awesome! Some of my faves have teamed up for a fantastic giveaway. Winning just one of these items would be super-cool, so winning all of them will be like winning the lottery. Except without the million dollar jackpot!

One person will win:

*Starstruck Vintage Custom Distressed Swarovski Oil Digger Tee (small)
*Leather and Vodka custom leather bracelet
*Shop MadJewels Denim Chambray Bon Bon earnings
*Mad Candle Co. limited edition Pink Vuerve Rose Candle
*Hippie and Haggard $30 giftcard
*Texas Trash custom leather cuff
*Allie Falcon custom leather naja skull bolo

This giveaway is happening over on Instagram, so you’ll need to head there first.

1. Follow us on Instagram:

2. *LIKE this photo* (click here for the photo)


3. Tag someone you’d love to share this awesome giveaway with!

You have until Sunday at midnight to enter and I’ll announce the winner next week on “Two Peas In A Podcast”! Enter soon and share with a friend!

You’ve still got a few days, so head to Instagram now and if you’re not on Instagram yet, now you have a great excuse! Don’t forget to tag a friend!



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