Napa + Live In The Vineyard = Heaven

I am still riding high from my trip to Live in the Vineyard. Kidd’s Kids is one of the charities that benefits from Live in the Vineyard, which means I get to attend a fantastic weekend with 2 of my favorite things (music and wine!) AND help out Kidd’s Kids!

There were so many cool bands to see. Walking on Cars, Mike Posner, Johnny Swim and Blue October, just to name a few. But my favorite was Castro. Remember Jason Castro from American Idol? He and his brother and sister formed a band and they are amazing. Like, so good that I’m seriously mad at my mom and dad for not giving me siblings so I could be in a family band too! Their music has a really cool pop/folk sound and they are SO.GOOD. Make sure you catch New Music Friday tomorrow because I’ll be talking about them more!

In addition to seeing super-cool performances from great bands, I also got to visit a few vineyards for some wine tastings.

First up was Alpha Omega. Alpha Omega is seriously one of the most beautiful vineyards I’ve ever seen. It’s family owned and you feel like family because it’s so inviting. They have a huge patio with awesome views of the mountains, and sitting next to the reflecting pool (complete with fountains) sipping on a glass of wine is a piece of heaven! You can even have a picnic there!

Next was Ehler’s Estates. Ehler’s started with a 10-acre vineyard in the 1800s and still has the original stone barn on the property. It’s also unique because it’s 100% organic and they work really hard to reduce their footprint on the planet. Pretty cool!

Ehler's Estate
Ehler's Estate
Ehler's Estate

And then, of course, we went to Silver Oak. Silver Oak Cellars will always be close to my heart because it was my dad’s favorite. Their focus is Cabernets and they are delicious. There’s a reason my dad called it “the best glass of wine you’ll ever have”.

Silver Oak Cellars

Between performances and vineyard visits, we had some time to hang out so we ate at Mustard Grill, which is my favorite restaurant. When people ask “What’s your favorite meal?”, one of my answers is the roast lemon chicken and the champagne flight from Mustard’s. Plus, the restaurant is in the most beautiful setting, in my favorite place in the world.

Mustard Grill
Mustard Grill

My friend, Mollie, who is the marketing manager at Silver Oak (I made friends with her through social media!), took us to Cadet, which is a local wine bar. Then, because we wanted to be like locals, we went to Henry’s which is the local dive bar. Sitting in a bar, listening to Prince while drinking rosé … dream. If you get the chance, also go eat at Torque. It was so delicious!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to stay, definitely check out the Senza Hotel. Totally cute and remodeled, it used to be a bed and breakfast. So, it still has that intimate feel and it’s right on their vineyard. It was wonderful!

Napa is truly my favorite place and getting to attend Live in the Vineyard was a bonus! If you have the chance to visit, definitely jump on it. I miss it already!



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