Memories of Kidd's Kids

We’re just about 6 weeks out from the Kidd’s Kids Trip and getting ready for Kidd’s Kids Day next week. Kidd’s Kids is completely on my mind!

I’ve been going on the Kidd’s Kids trip on and off my entire life. Kidd’s Kids started from very humble beginnings with a couple of kids and their parents, in a van headed to San Antonio to visit Sea World. With the love and support of our listeners, we’ve grown to over 50 children and their entire families, on a Southwest charter plane for an all expenses paid trip to Disney World. Crazy, right?

Much of my childhood was shaped by my November Disney trip with Kidd’s Kids. My early memories include just enjoying Disney World with all of my new friends. I never saw these children as any different than I was and I don’t think they saw me any differently either. That is the beautiful thing about children. They see everyone as being the same.

Caroline Kraddick and George at Kidd's Kids

George (my dad’s close friend and my current boss at the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!) and ME on an early Kidd’s Kids trip.

By the time I’d hit 6th or 7th grade, I was no longer one of the kids and my role on the trip had changed. I became more of a volunteer and couldn’t have been happier about it. I couldn’t push enough wheelchairs or hold enough hands. I spent my time making sure the kids were having the time of their lives!

I cannot explain how much of an impact this trip has made on me and how it has shaped who I am today. Seeing a child transform in just three days. Seeing them leave the pain in Dallas or wherever they came from and leave all their worries behind. No doctor appointments and wondering if they’ll be poked and prodded. Do I have chemo today? Physical therapy? Their only worry is about being a KID. THAT’S what this trip is about.

These kids have to grow up so fast and become “adults” way too soon. They worry about their health and their families and are more aware of the “real” world than anyone should have to be at that age. It’s just not fair. But they handle it so well and what they don’t get to do is have fun. That’s what Kidd’s Kids is about.

We recently rebranded the Kidd’s Kids logo and website (check it out if you haven’t seen it) and my favorite part is the paper airplane. Not only are we literally taking children in a plane to Disney World, these children are “taking flight” from their problems. And that’s the beauty of Kidd’s Kids.



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