Love On The Brain - Covers With Caroline

Love on the Brain

Happy February! Dry January is OVER and love is in the air! And even though I’m not currently dating anyone, I still love Valentine’s Day! I’m always up for a celebration and what better excuse to celebrate the people you love than with Valentine’s Day! Love for everybody!!

I decided to kick off February with a new Covers with Caroline video and because it’s February, of course, I chose a song about love! “Love on the Brain” is pretty much playing on repeat in my head right now. The first time I heard it, I was instantly drawn to it. It has a bluesy, 50s/60s vibe to it and I can totally imagine Amy Winehouse belting this one out. Plus, Rihanna holds a special place in my heart because I saw her in Vegas with my work family and it brings back great memories.

I had a blast singing this one so I hope you enjoy it!



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