"Losing Side of 25"

Okay y’all … it’s finally my birthday and I’m sure y’all are happy that it’s finally over. 😉 This birthday has been a rather difficult one for me. For some reason, this is the first year that I’m having a difficult time with officially being on the “losing side of 25.” I’ve heard of people having the “birthday blues” but I’ve never experienced them myself until this year. This is my third birthday without my dad and while, yes, it does get easier, the sting and pain of him not being present with me is definitely still there. It’s easy to want to retreat and feel sorry for myself but I realize that I have an amazing support system around me who wants to lift me up and celebrate me.

This is the first year since my dad passed in 2013 that I’ve felt like I’m actually progressing, not just maintaining. Losing a loved one rocks you to the core and at the time, I did whatever I could to just stay afloat. But this year has been different. I started this blog, I have a lot of great business opportunities coming up and I’m working on being the best Caroline I can be. And that is a beautiful thing.

For the first time in my life, whenever I speak things into existence, they happen! I truly have good intentions, want to help people in whatever little way I can and I’m working hard to prove that.

Even if I am on the “losing side of 25” (that’s a great title for a country song … was I in Nashville for too long?), I look forward to the new challenges and rewards that will come my way this year. Every year makes a difference and it is very weird to think of the differences between 24-year-old Caroline and 25-year-old Caroline. I’m making time to take a step back and really take that in. I really want to be proud of myself and ask myself what I can work on to be better next year.

So that’s where I’m at right now with my birthday. I think it’s better than a “new year” if I can take the time to be the best at 26 than I’ve ever been. Isn’t that a great thought? So that’s what I hope you guys take away from my “birthday month”. Celebrate your LIFE, celebrate the place where you are at this moment, but most importantly … celebrate the place that you are going.


Caroline Cradick


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