Lightning Round - Caroline Kraddick Edition


Lightning Round!

One of the things I love about celebrity articles and interviews is the lightning round. The questions force them to think on their feet and I love how it gives you insight to their personalities. Celebrities … they’re just like us! Right?

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do a lightning round and since Entertainment Tonight hasn’t called for my celebrity interview, I asked a few friends to come up with some questions. I’m sure they stole them from other interviews! Also, this whole idea is probably slow-motion lame but I still thought it would be fun! And I promise I answered them honestly!

Favorite TV show you’re watching right now

I just binged Nashville. I know, I know. I’m late to the party but I seriously am OBSESSED and so happy CMT signed it on and can’t wait to watch in January

Favorite tv show of all time

I will ALWAYS love Law & Order: SVU

Favorite place in the whole world – why?

I think Napa. The weather, the food, the beautiful vineyards. What’s not to like?

Have you ever stolen anything from work?

I would never!

What 2 celebrities would you pick to adopt you?

Jenna Bush Hager and Tom Hanks

Favorite website for shopping – I’m addicted!

Favorite season

I’m so basic for this but it’s definitely fall! I love how the fashion is (you can wear a sweater, jeans and cute boots and you’re ready to go) and I love the coziness and togetherness of friends in the fall and FOOTBALL!

Favorite thing to do in Dallas

Walk the Katy Trail and negate the walk with a beer at Katy Trail Ice House

Favorite thing to do in Fort Worth

Joe T’s and Billy Bob’s – the perfect night!

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate

I wish I liked dark because it is better for you but I like milk chocolate.

Favorite pizza toppings

Pepperoni and green olive

Favorite wine

Silver Oak, of course!

Best gift you’ve received

My dad gave me an angel wing necklace for Christmas one year and I lost it shortly after so my mom recreated it for me for the first Christmas without my dad.

Best gift you’ve given

I got my bestie tickets to Adele for her birthday this year!

Favorite country to visit


Favorite country you want to visit

I’m dying to go to Ireland!

Favorite color

Pink (I’m a 12 year old girl, I know)

Least favorite color


See, that wasn’t too lame, was it? Don’t answer that! 😉



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