Kidd's Kids Trip - 25th Anniversary!

Thanksgiving is over and I think I’ve finally recovered from the Kidd’s Kids trip. The 5 days I spend with our Kidd’s Kids families is the most exhausting, exhilarating and emotional week of my year and I love every minute! I’ve been on this trip more times than I can count but it’s such a different experience for me now. I am so honored to be able to continue the legacy of Kidd’s Kids and am still amazed at all the wonderful partnerships we’ve made. 10 years with Southwest Airlines, 5 years with Raising Cane’s and 2 years with Enchanted Fairies is beyond my wildest dreams for Kidd’s Kids and I feel so incredibly blessed that so many people continue to love and support Kidd’s Kids!


Every year I think this is going to be the best trip ever and every year I’m right. It just keeps getting better and better and with this year being the 25th Anniversary, I had some pretty high expectations! I’ll just say I was not disappointed!


First, let me introduce you to Laura Marano! You probably know her from the Disney Channel’s “Austin and Ally” and she’s on her way to being a huge music star. She is also the 2017 Kidd’s Kids Music ambassador and I couldn’t be more excited! As our Music Ambassador, she’ll help us promote Kidd’s Kids and spread our Kidd’s Kids love. And she’s going to do music therapy with me, which is going to be awesome!

I wish I could tell you about each of the 54 families, but I’d be here until next year’s trip because they are all so wonderful and special! Instead, let me introduce you to a couple of my newest besties.


Ike is six years old and from Oklahoma. We met on the last full day at Animal Kingdom and he immediately took a liking to me (Yes, I’m bragging!). At Disney, he took his very first roller coaster ride (with me!) and after riding the roller coaster twice, he proposed! Of course, I said yes!


We interviewed Aaliyah’s mom on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Kidd’s Kids Day, but I didn’t actually meet Aaliyah until the send-off party. She’s 10 years old and lives in the DFW area. She is absolutely one of the happiest, most fun babies I’ve ever met! Aaliyah was born healthy but at the age of 9 months was intubated incorrectly, which caused her to have permanent brain damage. I was able to hang out with Aaliyah, Amber (Aaliyah’s mom) and Bri and AJ (Aaliyah’s sister and brother) and they were so fun!

One of the biggest benefits of the trip is the friendship the kids and the families make. It’s a lot easier to make friends when you don’t have to spend time and explaining and answering questions. These families know that inside, these kids are just kids and they want to hang out and have fun, just like everyone else! That’s why it was so special to see the friendship between Aaliyah and Tylar grow. They immediately became besties and were pretty much inseparable the whole trip! But, my absolute favorite part of the trip was when Aaliyah got out of her wheelchair to push Tylar. Besties for LIFE!

Thank you again to everyone that contributed and volunteered to make this year’s trip possible. I am so blessed to be a part of Kidd’s Kids and it wouldn’t happen without you guys!



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