Kidd's Kids and Music Meets Medicine

Kidd’s Kids and Music Meets Medicine

in Memory of Kidd Kraddick

There are days when it feels like you’ve felt every emotion possible. Sometimes those are the best days.

caroline kraddick therapeutic arts room

I’ve known Dr. J Mack Slaughter since we were kids. When I was 10, J Mack was in a boy band my dad started called “Sons of Harmony”. J Mack and I instantly became friends and remained close even after he traded his music career for a career in medicine.

J Mack grew up in a musical family so music was always a big part of his life. But it wasn’t until his mother battled breast cancer that he realized how healing music could be. During his mom’s chemo treatments, J Mack and his sisters would sing to her. That experience was one of the things that inspired him to start Music Meets Medicine.

J Mack had told me about Music Meets Medicine and their mission to provide music instruments and lessons to kids who are receiving treatment in hospitals. But it wasn’t until he invited me to tag along on a hospital visit that I really saw the impact of what he was doing.

While we were at the hospital, I met a little girl who had lost the function of her left hand. She was quiet and a little uninterested, but after about 15 minutes of watching me sing and play piano, she completely warmed up to me. A few minutes later she was playing the piano with the same hand her mom hadn’t seen her use in 6 months! Talk about the power of music! From that moment, I was hooked!

A few years ago, J Mack started privately fundraising for the naming rights to the therapeutic arts room. Then he came up with the idea to bring in Kidd’s Kids and name the room in honor of my dad. My dad had a real passion for music and he spent a lot of time at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, so of course it was the perfect partnership.

You may remember last year when I was soliciting donations for the therapeutic arts room at Children’s Dallas hospital. Thanks to so many of you and your generous hearts, we were finally able to get the room completely funded and the dedication and ribbon cutting was this week.

caroline kraddick j mack slaughter
caroline kraddick j mack slaughter butterfly atrium

The whole thing was such an amazing experience and a day just filled with love. Before the ribbon cutting, J Mack and I performed a few songs in the Butterfly Atrium. Butterflies always remind me of my dad because they say when your loved ones pass, they come back as butterflies. Performing at the dedication, in the atrium, in my dad’s honor gave me serious chills.

kidd kraddick morning show caroline kraddick

Some of our Kidd’s Kids were there, the morning show was there, and so were many of the people that loved and supported my dad over the years. J Mack and I cut the ribbon and we were able to show everyone the room. It’s filled with music instruments and art supplies and is just a place where the patients can take a break from the monotony of hospital life and have some fun.

I’ve seen and experienced firsthand how healing music can be. Music is seriously like therapy to me. I may not always be able to find words to express what I’m feeling, but I can always sing it. Music was so special to my dad and me and it was such a big part of our relationship. It means so much to be able to keep his legacy alive in a place where he spent so much time.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to bringing the Kidd’s Kids and Music Meets Medicine Therapeutic Arts Room to life. I am so proud to have this room named in his honor and I know he would be too!



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