Just A Lil Something I Wrote This Morning

Just A Lil Something I Wrote

This morning, I woke up and decided to go on a little run. I ran from my apartment to Broadway and as I ran, I completely tuned everything out and I started to do some thinking. With the Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip, the move to Nashville and my trip to New Orleans, I’ve really been going non-stop, but that quick run really allowed me to clear my head.

When I got back to my apartment, I had a few song ideas going through my mind, so I decided to jot them down before I forgot them. I sat down in my little work area, my big French press in hand, and as I looked at my laptop, I just started weeping. Out of nowhere, I got this overwhelming feeling that my dad was with me. I mean, I know he’s always with me, but at that very moment, I could literally feel him with me. It was almost as if he was right there.

My dad was a prolific writer and writing was always something he encouraged me to do. Whether it was songwriting or short stories, writing was something he felt strongly about and he really wanted me to hone my writing skills.

Many of you know this, but the “I love you” tattoo on my left wrist is my dad’s handwriting. He wrote it in a journal he gave me the last Christmas he was on this earth. On the inside of the journal is a handwritten note that says, “I hope you write in this journal every day because my biggest regret in life is not writing every day and I know you will have a remarkable life and want to be able to look back at it.”

Songwriting has never been on my radar. I don’t know if hadn’t lived enough life to actually write songs or maybe I just didn’t think I’d be any good at it. Either way, it was something I never did. I’ve always been a performer and songwriting was way out of my comfort zone. But this year, something sparked inside of me and when I started writing, words just poured out of me.

Nashville is the place that healed me after I lost my dad. And now I’m back, doing what my dad wanted me to do most … feel … create … write. Full circle.



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