Jacqi Bling Dreams

This is going to be a long-winded post, but it’s worth the story, I promise!

In 2013, an American Idol contestant named Janelle Arthur appeared on the show wearing the most amazing pair of cowgirl boots. When the show returned from commercial break, Nicki Minaj (who was a judge at the time) was wearing them and the next day, everyone was talking about them. Those boots were designed by Jacqi Bling.

The next day, when the morning show did their American Idol recap, my dad talked about the boots. He’d already decided he wanted me to have a pair and went on air talking about the “boot lady”, but at that time, no one knew who she was. As it turns out, Jacqi lives in a listening area and she tried to call the show to talk to my dad, but for whatever reason, he never got the message.

Parallel Lives

There’s no way I could have known this, but Jacqi and I have traveled through many of the same valleys in life. We both lost a parent unexpectedly and as a result, we’ve both had days where we couldn’t get out of bed. And in the midst of crippling grief, loss, and confusion, we’ve also both experienced great moments. Moments where God presented himself to us and showed us our greatest purpose. Mine was singing and Jacqi’s was being an artist and making these ornately beautiful boots.

What happened next, can only be described as divine intervention. Right before I left for Hollywood Week on American Idol, a random series of events lead to my stylist friend connecting me with Jacqi. Jacqi desperately wanted to have me wear a pair of her boots on Idol but obviously, these intricate boots take time. A lot of time. And, I got kicked off before Jacqi could get the boots to me.

Jacqi and I are both women of faith, and we knew that being kicked off Idol would work out for me in a bigger and better way. And boy did it!

I am such a fan of Jacqi’s work, and I was really hoping to wear her boots on Idol so the world could get another look at her amazing talent, but that didn’t happen. So, I did the next best thing. My friend, Harper Grace, was still on the show, so I connected her with Jacqi. I can’t tell you what an incredible moment it was to see Jacqi’s boots back on the American Idol stage since that’s where they made their debut.

Full Circle

Last week, I finally got my boots! Jacqi told me she prayed over me with every hand-placed rhinestone. That’s a lot of prayers, y’all. And for me, these boots and those prayers represent pure love. The boots are gorgeous but my favorite part is the Monarch butterfly. Monarch butterflies have a special meaning to me because I grew up on Monarch Drive and butterflies represent new beginnings and your loved ones that pass away.

I was completely blown away when I opened the box, but the part that killed me was the message inside. On the inside of the boot, Jacqi wrote, “She found me, Kidd”. What an amazing thing to look at every single time I put the boots on. My dad wanted so badly for me to have these boots and now I do.


Oh, one more thing! Even though I didn’t get to wear my boots on Idol, it did all work out for the better. I’m releasing my single on October 9th and what will I be wearing in the music video? My Jacqi Bling boots! How special is that? This single and the video are the culmination of all the hard work I’ve put into becoming an artist. And I am incredibly touched that I get to do all of this wearing the work of another artist.

Look out for Jacqi, y’all. She is going to be huge. She is one of the most spiritual, loving, strong women I know and I’m honored to be reminded of her every single time I wear these boots.

And as always … thanks, Dad, for orchestrating all this from heaven. I know it’s you.



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