I'm In Love With Love41 and Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather and Love41

Disclosure – Saddleback Leather and Love 41 generously gave me these products to review but all opinions are my own!

Things I love more than a really great bag:
An awesome company that makes a really great bag!

The Saddleback story started with a bag made in Southern Mexico, and through trials and tribulations (including a cool dog and a crooked federale sent to kill the owner) it evolved into a second company (Love41) with an equally awesome story that donates 100% of their profits to educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond. Plus they both make a ton of really awesome stuff so how can you not love them?

They make everything from totes and jewelry to accessories and cool things for your house, so feel free to get started on some early Christmas shopping! You can’t go wrong with anything you choose but here are a few of my faves!

City Backpack

It was easy to fall in love with this City Backpack, especially in New York City! It’s small enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re toting around a school backpack but big enough to hold everything you need. It’s doesn’t weigh a ton, the straps are adjustable and the leather is super soft. Plus, you don’t look like a tourist wearing it!

Love41 Everyday Tote

Everyday Tote

A good tote is essential no matter what city you’re in and my one requirement is that the shoulder straps don’t dig into you. This Everyday Tote from Saddleback Leather is perfect! The shoulder straps are adjustable and thick enough that they don’t cut into your shoulder but not so big that they constantly fall off your shoulder. (I hate that too!) It’s heavy duty but not heavy and lots of storage with 2 pockets inside and 1 on the outside.

Leather Necklace

I’m a big believer in the statement necklace. A really great piece can pull your entire look together without even trying. I immediately fell in love with this Essential Oils Leather Statement Necklace when I saw it. You can dress it up or dress it down and even though it’s all leather, it’s not heavy or uncomfortable. And if you’re a fan of essential oils, you can put a few drops of your favorite oil on the back and you’ve got instant aromatherapy all day! Plus, it comes in several really great colors so it goes with everything!

Caroline Kraddick Love41

These are just a couple of my favorite pieces but check out both the Saddleback Leather and Love41 websites because I know you’ll be obsessed. And no need to feel guilty for indulging in a little retail therapy when you know you’re helping out a good cause, right? 😉



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