I'm Going to Hollywood!

Caroline Kraddick New York Golden Ticket

I’m Going To Hollywood!

Okay, y’all … I can finally make the official announcement. My bags are packed, I’ve got my golden ticket and I’m INCREDIBLY honored to share the news … I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

I know the past few weeks have been a little chaotic.

I auditioned for American Idol!

I think I’ll be getting a feature on American Idol.

I might be getting a feature on American Idol.

I’m definitely not getting a feature on American Idol. The reality of reality tv.

I know. Y’all are disappointed. I’m disappointed too. You’ve all been so sweet and supportive with all the comments and messages and you’ve stuck by me even though we didn’t know exactly where this journey was going. I don’t think I can explain how grateful I am for that. But just because I’m not getting a feature during the audition shows doesn’t mean the journey is over … because I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

The Beginning

Let’s start from the beginning …

On June 13th, my friend, Cynthia Smoot aka Oh So Cynthia, sent me an email saying, “When you become rich and famous, remember the little people.” Attached to the email was the basic application process for American Idol. It was pretty straightforward. Submit some personal info and links of me singing (which were already on YouTube) and I was done. I responded to Cynthia saying, “Just filled it out … what is wrong with me?”

Pretty soon after that, I was asked to come to the private audition in Dallas, right before Labor Day weekend. One of the many God winks (as you’ll see) guiding this entire process. As I walked into the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, I could hear Neil Diamond playing over the intercom. I was named after the song “Sweet Caroline”, and I hear it all the time. But this time was different. This time, I could feel my dad saying, “You got this pumpkin head!” which is what he would have told me if he’d been there. Afterward, I felt good about my audition but didn’t really think anything would come of it.

God Winks

I had just returned to Dallas from Fashion Week in New York City when I got THE email. I’d made it to the judges’ audition and they needed me back in New York. New York City would be the first city of open auditions and they wanted me to be one of the first people to audition for the celebrity judges (Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Brian).

Auditions were being held in 4 cities and I had requested New Orleans or Nashville if I were to be called back, but clearly God had other plans. I rounded up my mom, my best friend from college, my Kidd’s Kids family, and all my Dallas besties and headed to New York.
We all got up at 3am to get ready and by 5:30 am I was sitting in a room with some of the most talented people I’ve ever heard. What in the world was I doing there?

One of the reasons I was hoping to get a feature is because I don’t exactly remember all of the details about the audition. It’s almost like I blacked out. I know what songs I sang and I know the judges were really nice, but honest. I also know it wasn’t easy. In addition to singing, I had to answer a lot of questions. Why did a 27 years old, running a successful charity, want to start a music career? What kind of an artist was I? Who was I? Some of the questions I had answers for and some I didn’t. I definitely had my work cut out for me.

More God Winks

My life has continued to come full circle and I know it’s because my dad is watching over me. There is no question about that. For those who don’t know, the day my dad died, I was in New York City to audition for The Voice but I never made it to the audition. So, the fact that by complete happenstance I was sent back to New York City for my real chance at performing, is not lost on me. Why didn’t they ask me to audition in New Orleans or Nashville which are much closer to Dallas? And why, during the previous 15 seasons of American Idol, did I never consider auditioning? Honestly, I never thought I would make it. And then this whole thing fell into my lap, at the perfect time.

The God Winks Continue

When I got back to Dallas, I realized I was absolutely terrified. What if I really didn’t know who I was deep down? I love all kinds of music but what kind of an artist did I really want to be? I am a firm believer that when God wants something for you, he gives you the provisions to get you where you’re supposed to go. And that’s exactly what happened.

Right before I left for my audition, a good friend introduced me to a man who would transform my life. Jonathan George. He is my vocal coach/producer/life coach/bestie and everything else under the sun. He truly helped define me as an artist but that’s a story for another time.

About a week after I got back, I was connected with my boxing coach, Andrew. He helped redefine me physically. I’ve been working so hard the last year to get healthy and make permanent changes in my lifestyle but it’s been a struggle. And then, for some reason, when I got back from Idol, my mindset completely changed. The weight just started falling off and I was finally ready to transform.
I’m not holding on to anything more. I released everything. Grief. Sadness. Guilt. I decided to find out who the REAL Caroline Kraddick was, and man, did I find her. Throughout this whole process, I’ve been able to gain a true sense of clarity. Not only do I appreciate the blessings God has for me, now I’m truly ready to receive them.

What’s Next?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through all of this! Especially my Kidd’s Kids family, not only for their support, but for handling the day-to-day responsibilities of the charity so I can take the time to focus on my music again. There are some really exciting things coming up (which again, I can’t share … yet) but I’m hoping you’ll continue this journey with me. If you’re on Facebook, I’d love for you to join the Caroline Kraddick GROUP page. I’m hoping it becomes a place where we can hang out and chat and I can keep everyone updated about all the cool things going on with me!

I can’t wait to share more about this entire experience, but in the meantime … I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!




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