I'm Enchanted With Enchant!

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Enchanted with Enchant

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Enchant Christmas, how excited I was that it was coming to Arlington, and how it benefits Kidd’s Kids. Last night I had a chance to check it out in person, and y’all. You have to go!

One of the cool things about Enchant is that they partner with charities and donate part of the ticket sales and 100% of the ice skate rentals to charity. Kidd’s Kids was fortunate enough to be one of the charities chosen and last night, they had a special Kidd’s Kids night for us!

Kidd's Kids Enchant Christmas

I was so happy to see all my babies again! The Kidd’s Kids trip was just a month ago but I miss them like crazy. All the kids sang Christmas carols with me which was a lot of fun. Let me just say that everyone knows the words to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” but “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”? Not so much. But it didn’t matter because we still had a blast!

After carols, it was maze time! When you enter the maze, you get a card with the names of all the reindeer. The goal is to go through the maze and find all of Santa’s reindeer (including Rudolph!). Once you find the reindeer, there’s a station for you to check off each one and then when you find all 9 (and find your way out of the maze!) you get a little prize! And then of course, that’s when you get to see Santa!

enchant christmas icicles

When they say it’s the World’s Largest Light Maze, they aren’t kidding. I’ve literally never seen anything like it. Mazes and tunnels and Christmas trees and reindeer … all glowing. It was truly breathtaking!

enchant christmas tunnel

Outside of the maze there is ice skating, shopping (with some amazing vendors) and of course, food! There were SO many choices, you could totally go crazy with a little bit of everything! But I was fairly good with just a pretzel! And it was yummy!

If you haven’t been to Enchant yet, you still have time. It runs through December 31st. You can buy tickets in advance through the website, and when you do, if you use the promo code KIDD, part of the proceeds will go to Kidd’s Kids! You will have so much fun and the memories you make with your friends and family will last a lifetime!
Have a fantastic Christmas!



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