How To "Do" Disney!

Y’all know how much I love Disney World. I love it. Because it’s the happiest place on Earth! And who doesn’t love happiness? I truly believe that everyone should have the Disney experience at least once in your life. But how do you make it happen? Where do you start?

Kidd’s Kids has recently partnered with Crazy Imagination Travel and I am super excited. Crazy Imagination is a female-owned travel agency that specializes in all things Disney. Disney World, Disneyland, Disney cruises … even the new Disney resort In Hawaii! You name it and they can do it.

Why would you need a Disney Vacation Planner? Because you can’t just “go” to Disney. A Disney vacation needs to be planned. There are books and websites and message boards filled with tons of information and research about Disney vacations. But to me, that just sounds overwhelming and exhausting. I mean, sure you could plan it on your own, but why do it if you don’t have to?

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never really had to plan a trip to Disney World and after seeing all that’s involved, I’m really happy about that! On the Kidd’s Kids trip, we just go and never really think about how everything comes together. Character breakfast? Crazy Imagination will take care of it. Which park should you go to on what day? They’ll tell you. Have a question? Just call or email them. They make it SO easy! And they don’t just offer general packages. They customize the package specifically for you and your family!

You’ve probably heard people say that a Disney planner books your dining for you. Well, that’s true. But Crazy Imagination Travel goes further than that. They plan your experience! Which Disney cruise is best for us? What’s the best time of year to visit? When does Disney start decorating for Halloween? And the big thing! How can I take a Disney trip within our budget? Crazy Imagination Travel can answer all these questions and they do it all while providing a superior level of service. And their services are complimentary so there are no additional costs to you!

Now, here’s where the partnership comes in! Crazy Imagination Travel has a special team of agents who have been trained specifically to provide assistance to families traveling with special needs children. And now they are helping Kidd’s Kids with our planning! A Disney trip for one family can be a challenge. Try planning one for 60 families. And then 60 families with special needs!

So here’s where you guys come in! In addition to helping Kidd’s Kids plan our trip, they want to help you too. If you book a package and tell them I sent you, they’ll make a donation to Kidd’s Kids! It’s a win for everybody! And now instead of spending your time searching through websites and message boards, you can spend your time searching Etsy for matching t-shirts for your family!

Check out the Crazy Imagination Travel website for more info or just shoot them an email at And then when you get to your Disney destination, tell Mickey I said hi!

Caroline with a Kidd's Kids Disney



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