Home Away From Home

Home away from home. It’s one of those things that you hear people refer to that doesn’t really mean anything … until it does.

I think almost everyone has a home away from home. Your best friend’s house, your grandparents’ house, maybe even the house you grew up in. But as an adult, it can be hard to find that place. Especially when your parents don’t live in the same place you grew up. For me, that place is Naples.

I’ve been visiting Naples, Florida as long as I can remember. My parents took me multiple times as a kid and we loved it so much, they eventually bought a condo there. Over the years, it truly became my home away from home. I spent more time in Naples than anywhere else, other than my actual home. Holidays, quick weekend getaways, vacations with family and close friends … My dad loved it so much he originated the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Family Vacation there! Naples just represents a level of comfort and familiarity that I can’t really get anywhere else. And as an adult, I miss not being able to go “home” anymore.

If you’ve been to Naples, you know there’s a ton to do. But sometimes you want a vacation where you can relax and re-set. Not the kind where you require another vacation to recover from your vacation! That’s why I think we all need a “home away from home”. When life starts to throw too much at you, you have to find a way to recharge to keep your sanity! Even if that place isn’t out of town, we all need somewhere to decompress. Somewhere you don’t feel compelled to “do” things … somewhere someone else takes care of you … somewhere the focus can be on you!

Home Away from Home Naples Sunset Vanderbilt Beach

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at peace than watching the sun sink into the ocean, on the horizon, at Vanderbilt Beach. It’s completely breathtaking! And spiritually, it’s a reminder that there is something bigger for all of us. My trip to my home away from home gave me exactly what I needed, and now I’m ready for whatever life brings!




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