5 Best Movies for Girls Night In

It has been a GREAT summer. Lots of patios and parties, and a vacation here and there, and it’s been awesome … but I am TIRED! I love hanging with my besties but every once in awhile, you need some QT that doesn’t include overpriced drinks, yell-talking over loud music and getting hit on by guys who only want one thing (and I don’t mean marriage!). When I start to feel like that, it’s time for Girls Night In.

Y’all know I love to entertain, but Girls Night In doesn’t have to be fancy. Sometimes I’ll go full on Caroline Contessa and whip up something delish and sometimes I’ll just order a pizza and open a bottle of Silver Oak. Either way, besties and a chick flick are the perfect combination for Girls Night In!

1. Mean Girls


Technically, “Mean Girls” isn’t a sing-along movie since it isn’t a musical. So what do you call it when you know every word? A speak-along? Talk-along? Whatever. You know every word and so do your girlfriends. So pull out this classic and laugh hysterically when you start to stumble over the words. Because, wine! 😉


2. Bridesmaids


It seems like everyone I know is engaged and I’ve been to so many weddings this year, I’ve literally lost count! Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of fun, but it can also be super stressful! Picking dresses, hair and makeup and the inevitable drama can be too much! So if you need a little reminder about what being a bridesmaid (and a good friend) is really about, “Bridesmaids” is a must! Also, Kristin Wiig. Enough said!


3. Crazy Stupid Love

Um, hello, Ryan Gosling.


“Crazy, Stupid Love” is perfect for when you need a reminder that good men still exist! It’s a twist from the predicable, formulaic rom-com and Emma Stone is adorable. Characters with depth and Ryan Gosling’s abs are exactly what you need to restore your faith in love!


4. Dirty Dancing


“Dirty Dancing” had us ballroom dancing long before Dancing With the Stars and who didn’t practice that lift (and fail miserably)? It doesn’t matter how old you are, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” is the phrase that gives you ALL the romantic feels. We all wanted to be Baby and we were all in love with Johnny. Never mind that he was WAY too old for Baby. That’s not part of the fantasy.


5. Pitch Perfect


Who’s ready to get Pitch Slapped? “Pitch Perfect’ is hilarious, and I’m not sure we can be friends if you don’t agree. Kidding. Sort of. 😉 But it is SO funny and of course I LOVE the music. Hand everyone in the house a microphone (aka kitchen utensil) and start belting out those mashups!


This weekend is a long one and if you’ve already blown through your monthly party budget or you’re just looking forward to laying low, call up your besties and plan a Girls Night In. These movies are guaranteed to give you some quality girl time but if you have one I’ve missed, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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