Galentines Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, whether or not I have a significant other. 1. Because I LOVE love and 2. Love isn’t just romantic. I mean, who do you love more than your best girlfriends? (Except your mom!) And what better way to celebrate your girls than with a Galentine’s Party!



And they’re all gorgeous too, aren’t they?

Throwing parties are one of my favorite things to do and while it can seem like a big undertaking, it’s fairly easy to put something together, even at the last minute. Of course it helps if you keep a few party staples on hand.



A mimosa bar is my favorite thing to have at a party and SO easy to throw together! Start with champagne as your base, OJ, cranberry juice, Chambord for your mixers, and then add assorted fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and pomegranate seeds) for some extra zest and flavor! My specialty is the Caroline Kir Royals



Caroline Kir Royale – champagne, Chambord, raspberries and pom seeds!



Cake stands for parties are your best friend! For Galentine’s, I put cupcakes on them but I love putting different things on them for parties. This year, for Christmas Eve, I put sushi on them and everyone loved the idea! Add some flowers for an extra pop!




If you’re gonna host a party, you’ve gotta look the part! To go with the love theme, I decided to show off my “Lovers Gonna Love” shirt from “The Light Blonde”. Ali of “The Light Blonde” is a friend of mine who designs super-cute t-shirts that are also motivational with a fun Christian undertone! My other favorites are “Too pretty to act ugly” and “Jesus drank wine” and you can find them all here




I have a bar cart that I style for each party I throw. It’s kind of the base of my décor. I start there and then design everything else around it. You can use fresh flowers or some fun tassels (you can find these at Michaels or Target) and I like to add fun cocktail books or my favorite souvenirs (like the Eiffel Tower I got in Paris last Christmas). 


Now, I know this whole Galentine’s Day post seems like it’s coming a little late, but there’s a really good reason …

A Change of Plans

My friends, Courtney and Justin, met two years ago on Valentine’s Day at a bar in Uptown (see there is hope for us, girls!). They’ve been together ever since and a couple of weeks ago, Justin asked if he could propose to Courtney at my home. 


One thing you have to know about me is that I LOVE love and I LOVE surprises. So, this was me when my bestie Morgan told me we were going to have her sister, Courtney’s, engagement at my house.

We did our photo shoot and made sure Courtney and our friend, Julie, showed up late. When they arrived, Justin was on my balcony with 9 dozen roses and some champagne. Little did Courtney know that her whole family and all her friends were hiding in my guest room! 



Justin proposed in the sweetest way possible and Courtney was, of course, stunned. I felt so lucky to be able to see one of the sweetest engagements ever. I knew Justin was perfect for Courtney when he told me that she would be mad she missed out on the photo shoot. I assured him after she had that gorgeous ring on her finger, she would be okay. But Justin was right. The first thing Courtney said to me was, “So I don’t get to be in the photoshoot?!” Justin knows his girl! 



It was such a beautiful engagement and I know it’s not only going to be a gorgeous wedding, but more importantly, a gorgeous marriage. So now you know why I had to postpone Galentine’s talk. But I think this was a pretty good reason! Don’t you?




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