Fun In the Sunnies

It’s officially hot outside and if you’re trying to look cool in this heat, I have one word for you. Sunnies.

I might have an accessories obsession. I can’t help it. Fabulous earrings and a cocktail ring, or a few well-placed bracelets and a statement necklace … accessories complete your look. But when it comes to summertime casual there’s one accessory I never leave the house without and that’s my sunglasses.

Caroline Poolside in Prada Sunnies
Caroline wears aviator sunnies

Two of my favorite styles are oversized frames and aviators. A good oversized, chunky frame is perfect for preventing squinting. Squinting = wrinkles and I’m not about that crow’s feet life! And if you haven’t gone full aviator yet, what are you waiting on? Personally, I think aviators look great on everyone. And a mirrored lens is a fave because they take on the color of whatever you’re wearing. Score one for color coordination!

Caroline Prada Sunnies
Caroline Lace MIni Dress
When your outfit matches your drink

Once you figure out what style frame looks best on you, your options are suddenly unlimited. Even if you can only pull off one or two styles, there are so many colors and materials available. And almost everything is on trend right now. Retro, classic, contemporary … You can go with basic black, or a neutral tortoise shell or over the top with a vibrant color. And I’ve even seen some super cool materials. While we’re all used to seeing plastic or metal frames, who would think of wood or rubber frames?

And if you’re one of those people that is constantly misplacing or breaking your shades, don’t stress. You don’t have to go designer, high-end because there are lots of affordable (even cheap) and still fashionable options for those of you that have to replace them once or twice (or more) throughout the summer!

So this weekend, when you’re headed out for some fun in the sun, don’t forget to take your sunnies!

Caroline Cradick


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