From Chaos to Calm

From Chaos


It’s a good word to describe my life right now. It’s good chaos and I’m definitely NOT complaining. But it’s chaos, nonetheless.

My single comes out October 9th, Kidd’s Kids Day is around the corner, the Kidd’s Kids Trip is soon after that and then come the holidays! And in the midst of all that, is me traveling back and forth between Nashville and home. I get anxiety just thinking about it!

To Calm

I’m a strong believer that your home should be a reflection of who you are and that the things you surround yourself with can affect how you feel. So I fill my house with things that make me happy and I try to keep it clean and organized to give my soul a little peace. But making multiple trips between Dallas and Nashville hasn’t really been conducive to maintaining my normally peaceful home. To be honest, it’s kind of starting to look like tornado season in my house. So, I can’t tell you how thankful I was for the opportunity to partner with Valerie Wood from Neat Method and The Container Store.

Valerie is a Luxury Residential Organizer and can work absolute magic in your home and your life. It’s so much easier to manage the chaos when surrounded by calm.  So, during my last trip Nashville, Valerie, with the help of some products from The Container Store, came in and took my house from chaos to calm!

With Neat Method, Valerie can help you with all things organization! She can help you coordinate and manage things before or after a move. She can organize your current setup and help make things more efficient. She can even create a plan specifically for you if you’d rather go the DIY route! Whether you don’t know where to start or you just don’t have the time, Valerie can handle it!

She came into my house and did everything from simple organizing (that I just didn’t have time to do) to complete overhauls (that I never would’ve thought to do!).

Simple things like removing things from my kitchen counters …

Caroline Kraddick Kitchen Counter Before
Caroline Kraddick Kitchen Counter after

and grouping them in clear bins in the kitchen cabinets made everything cleaner and more functional.

Neat Method Caroline Kraddick Before
Neat Method Caroline kraddick after
Neat Method Container Store Caroline Kraddick Before
Neat Method Container Store Caroline Kraddick after

Do you know how long it would’ve taken me to find the right light bulb in this cabinet before? After pulling out every single thing in the cabinet, I would’ve been ready to throw the light bulb instead of changing it! But labeled in a clear bin, I can find what I need immediately!

Caroline Kraddick Neat Method Cleaning Cabinet Before
Caroline Kraddick Neat Method Cleaning Cabinet after

My storage closet? It never would have thought to put an actual shelving unit in the closet. When you’re renting, they kind of frown upon you making permanent changes. But, what a great idea to create space without putting holes in the wall. Clear bins and labels make it easy to find everything at a glance!

Container Store intermetro shelving

My bedside table? Yikes! It looked fairly clean until Valerie opened those doors! But not only did Valerie organize the mess, she made it look pretty, too!

Caroline Kraddick nightstand before neat method
Caroline Kraddick nightstand after neat method

Even in my closet, where I thought I had it all together! A few subtle changes – baskets for loose items, hanging my clothes by color (and on nice hangers!) and drawer dividers to keep the clothes straight – and now I can find exactly what I’m looking for without wasting a lot of time!

Caroline Kraddick Closet Before
Caroline Kraddick Closet after

I know January is a big time for organization, when people are making New Year’s Resolution. But now is the perfect time so you can get everything together before the holidays! You can figure out what you need, what you don’t and clear out some old stuff and make room for the new ones! And as an extra incentive, if you book with Valerie (use the code CKNEAT), she’ll donate 10% of booked services to Kidd’s Kids!

You can see more of her work on her Instagram or email her for more information at

Treat yourself to come calm!



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