Friday Obsessions

It’s obsession time and if you missed me on air, I finally have a theme song! It’s like I’m official or something!

I have a few new obsessions for you, complete with music, tv and the most amazing author you’ll ever meet!

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

I’ve had this song on replay all week! The first time I heard it, I thought it was a little long and kind of slow, but now I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s very Aerosmith and Harry’s rocking the Steven Tyler vibe. I def want Lady Gaga to cover this because I know she will kill it! Harry is going to be on SNL this weekend, so you don’t want to miss it!

Team Corn – Corrine Olympios

I’m a huge Bachelor fan and this last season, Corrine was my favorite. If you didn’t watch, Corrine was the rockstar napper with a nanny. So, Corrine has partnered with Riot Society and created a clothing line called TEAM CORN (Corn is Corrine’s nickname), and it’s awesome! There are baseball hats that say “Make Corrine Great Again” and t-shirts that say “I need a Raquel”, who is Corrine’s nanny! I won’t confirm or deny, but I may have ordered 3 items!

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is another new Netflix series, based on a novel. The main character, Hannah, commits suicide but leaves behind 13 tapes giving the reasons why. Originally, Selena Gomez was going to star in the series but when the series was being filmed, Selena was dealing with her own mental health issues and felt like the storyline hit too close to home. But she knew the topics needed to be talked about, so she executive produced instead.

I’ll warn you that the story line is heavy but not too heavy for teenagers since they’ll probably relate to a lot of it. It’s really well done, so you don’t want to skip it but maybe take a break and don’t binge watch this one. For your own mental health!


Hygge (pronounced (hoo-guh) is the hottest new trend the internet is obsessed with right now. It’s a word and state of being that originated in Denmark (which has been voted the happiest country in the world over and over again). It’s a form of escapism and the word translates to cozyness but can really be whatever brings you comfort. Light a candle, set the mood, treat yourself … have some chocolate, be grateful and get comfortable! Our lives are so crazy right now, you need a little hygge in your life!

Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker. I am obsessed. If you don’t know who Jen is, she’s this amazing Christian blogger/author. She’s in her 40s, she has 5 kids (2 adopted from Ethiopia) and she’s awesome. Her family renovated their house on HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation”, she supports the LGBT community, and loves Jesus without throwing him in your face. She is super down-to-earth and totally relatable. I loved her last book, “For The Love” and can’t wait to read her new book, “Of Mess and Moxie”, which comes out in August. She was in town last week for a food festival and I basically stalked her on social media until I was able to meet her. She was so cool! I love her! I want to skin her and wear her (but not in a creepy way) and I also want to be her. Life goals. Bestie Goals. Momgoals. Jen Hatmaker is everything!

Halfway through the month and the obsessions keep coming! I’ll have new ones next week. Have a great Easter and bring a little hygge into your weekend!



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