Emotions in New Orleans

Caroline Cradick White Dress

Emotions are a weird thing. You go into something expecting to feel one way and then you find out you feel completely different.

I’m in New Orleans today for a Kidd’s Kids golf tournament. The same tournament my dad was at when he passed away nearly 3 years ago. And I’m flooded with emotions. Just not the ones that I thought I would be.

New Orleans was one of my dad’s favorite cities. There’s so much to do and see. It’s rich with history and tradition and completely filled with life. Exactly like my dad was. He loved New Orleans and being here with my Kidd’s Kids family, I’m loving it as much as he did. And I know why. My dad is here. I can feel his presence.

I went into this weekend with some nervousness and trepidation, but as soon as I got here, there was a feeling of peace. Instead of being sad, I got excited. Excited about the golf tournament and meeting the people that work so hard to make it happen every year. Excited about the Kidd’s Kids Glam event.  Excited about loving on these sweet girls and making them feel beautiful! Excited about spending the weekend with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and the Kidd’s Kids team. I’m proud to be in New Orleans continuing the Kidd’s Kids legacy and carrying on the Kraddick name. But it doesn’t feel like I thought it would. Instead, it just feels … right.

Today, I’m feeling lots of emotions but the one I’m choosing is happy. I don’t want to be sad and mourn his death. I want to be happy and celebrate his life. So I’m going to enjoy this weekend like my dad would. I’m going to laugh and have fun and enjoy every minute. And soak up every bit of New Orleans I can!



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