Diner en Blanc - Dallas Style

Remember when I said it was okay to wear white after Labor Day? Well I’m not the only one! Because Friday night, over 2000 of my closest friends and I put on our fanciest all white outfits and headed out for the biggest dinner in town, Diner en Blanc.

Diner en Blanc is a HUGE dinner party, but not anyone can go. You have to apply to get an invitation and then you have to wait to see if you’re selected. And even then, the whole thing is super secret and you have to get on a bus and be driven to the super private, top-secret location. Or you have to be invited as part of the media, which is how I was able to attend!

Last year was the inaugural Dallas event and was held at Dallas’ Continental Avenue Bridge. This year, they went right to the heart of Dallas at Dallas City Hall Plaza. If you happened to be in the area, you may have seen roughly 2200 people dressed in white, departing buses and hauling tables, chairs, food and décor through downtown to get to the surprise location.

Now, while you might think this is just a fancy picnic, that would be an understatement. People go ALL out! The outfits were more than white clothes. We’re talking costumes. FABULOUS costumes.

And the table decorations? When I get married, I’m calling some of these people for ideas because they were amazing! I was chosen to judge the tablescapes and it was SO hard to pick the best one!  I took a few quick pics of some of my faves.

Diner en Blanc Ferris Wheel

It was a GREAT night and I had so much fun! Plus, I got to hang with my blogger friends Susie Drinks Dallas, Pizza and Champagne, and Phil Eats Dallas, and I discovered a new alcohol treat! Moet has created a champagne called Moet Ice and it’s specifically designed to be served on ice! We drank it muddled with mint and fresh berries and I’ll definitely be serving it at my next Girls Night In!

Such a great night, I hope I get to attend again next year! I’m already planning my all white outfit. Next year, I’m going BIG!



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