Dallas Girls Guide to Austin

While planning for a trip to Austin with my fabulous coworkers for a Kidd’s Kids retreat, I went to my best friend since high school, Bailee, for suggestions. Bailee is not only an attorney in Houston but she is also a foodie, pop culture aficionado, and knows what’s cool way before it’s cool. You’ll be seeing more of her as she posts more on my blog and I know you’ll love her as much as I do! Anyway, after she gave me an overload of incredible information, I thought that I shouldn’t be selfish and keep all this great info to myself, so I’m sharing it with you, my fabulous readers!

Greetings from Austin!!

Just kidding, I’m actually writing to you from Houston! But as a Texas Ex and an admirer of all things Austin, Caroline has asked me to put together a “Dallas Girl’s Guide to Austin”.  My parents have lived in Austin since 2006 and I started at The University of Texas in 2008. And although I attended grade school and high school in DFW, Austin has become home. I will admit the bias is real and Austin is definitely my favorite Texas city, so Texas Fight and all that fun stuff!

Now, I’m all for “Keeping Austin Weird”, but for the Dallas girl that isn’t into the crunchy-granola Austin scene, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Austin is only 3 hours down the road, so here are my suggestions for a quick weekend getaway!



Where to stay   


There are lots of really cool places to stay in Austin and you can find everything from unique (and pricey) boutique hotels to affordable rentals through Airbnb and HomeAway. If you want to go the hotel route, Austin has all the usual suspects but if you’re going high-end, try Hotel San Jose on South Congress or the new Hotel Van Zandt on Rainey Street.

What To Do


Lots of people think of Austin strictly for the party aspect (and we’ll get to that!), but there’s plenty to do during the day. If you like shopping, I recommend parking on South Congress and wandering the shops. Check out By George if you’re in the market for high-end clothing and Feathers Boutique, if amazing vintage finds are more your style.

If outdoors is more your speed, take a walk around Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake). It’s so pretty and the perfect distance for you to work up a sweat without completely wiping you out. You could also spend the day at Barton Springs or Deep Eddy Pool or grab lunch at Abel’s while enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Austin or gorgeous sights at Mount Bonnell.

And finally, if a little day drinking is your thing, I recommend Rainey Street. Rainey is a street of bars and restaurants that operate out of little old houses. The original appeal of Rainey is declining due to some serious corporate take over, but it’s still worth an afternoon.



Of course, everyone knows Austin for Sixth Street or as it’s commonly referred to – Dirty 6th. So, if you’re feeling so inclined, a wild night of cheap drinks and brushing shoulders with the student body of UT, can definitely be found!

If you’re not familiar with Austin’s music scene, you’re missing out. Check anyone of the big venues (Stubbs, ACL Live or The Paramount) if you want to plan your trip around a major act. But if you just want to check out some really great music, you can find awesome shows in clubs throughout the city. The Saxon Pub is a personal favorite!

And there you have it. A few tips from a local about how to have a fun time in Austin. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the food. I’ll get to that next time!


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