Current Mood: Obsessed

Current Mood: Obsessed

At any given time, I’m obsessed with something. Or several somethings. I’m always on the hunt for something new and cool, and once I fall in love with something, I kinda become obsessed. So of course, there are a few things I’m loving right now. Starting with music!

iSpy – Kyle featuring Lil Yachty

I am loving this song so hard right now. It’s one of those feel good songs that makes you happy when you hear it.

Open your sunroof and belt “iSpy” at the top of your lungs – instant mood changer!

Skinny pop jalapeno obsessed

Skinny Pop Jalapeño popcorn

So, the fact that air-popped popcorn is better for you than popcorn popped in oil and drizzled in butter isn’t news to anyone … but Skinny Pop might be. I’m working really hard to make a lifestyle change and because I’m a total foodie, making healthy choices can be a challenge for me. Especially when I’m snacking! But Skinny Pop popcorn is a lifesaver. Specifically the jalapeño flavor! 4 cups is only 190 calories and that goes a long way when you need something to get you through the afternoon!

tinkle brow razors obsessed


Totally obsessed. I get a lot of questions about my skincare regimen and Dermaplane is one of the things I LOVE. Dermaplane is a treatment where a razor blade is used to exfoliate your skin. I love it because it removes all the dead skin (and peach fuzz) from your face and makes it nice and soft. And your makeup will go on smoother!

If Dermaplane isn’t convenient (or in your budget), you can totally do it yourself! Pick up the Tinkle eyebrow razors on Amazon and then check out any number of You Tube videos for a demo. Trust me, this will change your life!

liketoknowit – The App

If you’re on Instagram, you probably already know about liketoknowit. If you’re signed up, when you “like” a photo on an Instagram account linked to liketoknowit, you get an email with links to the items so you can buy them. The problem is, it can be hard to keep up with all those emails, especially if you’re not making an immediate purchase. But now there’s a much easier way!

When you download the app, you can now take a screenshot of any item you like.  Liketoknowit will let you know if they find the item and then save it for you in the app! So, no more searching through emails looking for that purse or shoes you saw. And it’s not just limited to women’s clothes. You can screenshot men’s clothing, kids clothing, accessories, home décor items … you name it!

richard simmons missing podcast obsessed

Missing Richard Simmons

This is the big one. OBSESSED. Over the weekend I took a quick road trip and I listened to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast the entire time!

If you haven’t heard the story, Richard Simmons (the fitness and weight loss guru) has basically gone MIA. And no one knows why. There has been lots of speculation about what happened to him … Is he being held hostage by his housekeeper? Is he transitioning to a woman? Did he gain back all of his weight and is too embarrassed to leave the house? You’ll have to listen to the podcast and draw your own conclusions!

There you have it! The things that are currently occupying space in the world of Caroline! If you have anything that you’re obsessed with, I’d love to hear about it so I can check it out too!



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